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This page lists a number of useful utilities and tools for TreePad, most of which are freeware. The utilities on this page are compatible with all TreePad versions unless otherwise specified.
See also: TreePad File-conversion utilities


iTreePad is a Perl script to publish TreePad files directly online, without any file conversion, including a frame based javascript tree navigation system.

iTreePad supports online editing, searching, password protected nodes, multi-user editing passwords for specific nodes, and is compatible with all TreePad versions. The script allows visitors to directly view TreePad files in their Web browser.

TreePad database typeHow to use iTreePad
.hjt file Your .hjt and .htmhjt files can be accessed directly by iTreePad.
.tpd file (1) First, in TreePad click menu/file/save as, and select 'TreePad 6.x file (.hjt)' or HTML TreePad file (.htmhjt).
(2) Then upload the .hjt (or .htmhjt) file to your Website.
TreePad X Enterprise
(1) In TreePad X Enterprise, first select the subtree you want to export.
(2) Then click on menu/file/export/subtree to export the information to .hjt (or .htmhjt) file format.
(3) Finally, upload the .hjt (or .htmhjt) file to your Website.

Rich Text and plain text TreePad articles are shown as HTML. iTreePad also supports virtual nodes which mirror other nodes. iTreePad optionally displays child nodes as links within each article. iTreePad accesses TreePad .hjt and .htmhjt files directly without the need for file conversion (you need to have access to a Web server or Home page provider which allows you to upload Perl scripts).

Registration fee: freeware
Download: iTreePad
Platforms: All
Created by: Jason Silver.


TreePad Viewer

TreePad Viewer is a freeware reader program for Windows that enables anyone to read/view TreePad (.hjt) files. In other words, TreePad files can easily be shared with anyone, users and non-users of TreePad, alike. Take advantage of TreePad Viewer and send your friends, classmates, or business acquaintances your new photo album, eBook, report, research paper, presentation, etc., made with TreePad.
Runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, NT, XP.

License for usage
TreePad Viewer is free for personal and corporate use. You do not need to be a registered TreePad user to install and use TreePad Viewer.

License for distribution
(1) Using the viewer, TreePad Lite (Freeware) files can be distributed royalty-free and without restrictions.
(2) Files created using TreePad PLUS, SAFE, Business Edition or Enterprise can likewise be distributed (without any royalties or restrictions), provided that this is done by registered users.

More information on TreePad Viewer
Download TreePad Viewer


TreePad Size

Freeware tool that enables TreePad users to quickly and easily find those big 'hidden' articles in their files. All current versions of TreePad are supported (except for TreePad X Enterprise which uses a different database format).
Download: (357 KB).
Platforms:  Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Created by:  Ivan Vecanski.


TreePad calendar file creator. TPCAL automatically creates treepad files containing calendar data for a whole year. The created tree-structure resembles this chart:
        |       +-----[Day1]
        |       +-----[Day2]
        |       +-----...
        |       +-----[DayN]
        |       +-----[Day1]
        |       +-----[Day2]
        |       +-----...
        |       +-----[DayN]
Each entry between square brackets in this diagram represents a TreePad node. Usage: calendar, diary, daily reporting, etc.
The program can generate calendar files in many languages, it currently supports English, French, Spanish, German. You can easily add your own language to this list by creating a separate configuration file for this language; documentation on how to do this is included in the download package.
Created by: César Aguilar.
Download: (33 Kb).


BOL Calendar

A free Perl script and Win32 executable for creating customized TreePad calendars.
A number calendars/agendas created using this script can also be found on the TreePad Agendas page.
Download and home page: see here
Created by: Alberto Adrián Schiano
License: freeware


Perl Calendar script

Free Perl script to create a calender, containing a node for each day. Ordered by month and week. Please note that you need to run a Perl interpreter on your computer to execute this script.
Platforms:   Any computer or operating system which can run a Perl interpreter.
Created by:   Charles Cave.
A Calendar template created using this script can be found on the TreePad Templates page.


Python TreePad reader script

Free script for Phthon programmers to read and write TreePad Lite files.
If you have TreePad PLUS, SAFE, Business Edition or Enterprise, you can create TreePad Lite files by using menu/file/export.
Platforms:  All.
License:  Freeware.
Created by:  Cimarron Taylor.


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