TreePad UNI
Current version: not yet available
Expected release date: 2014
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This program will be available in the course of 2014.
TreePad UNI: Personal Information Manager with support for Unicode and text formatting on Linux and Windows.
As with any TreePad edition, all data is contained inside 'articles'; an article is a text shown inside the right-hand pane of the program (see the screenshot on the right).
An article in TreePad UNI can contain Unicode text, such as a mix of: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, etc.
An article can also contain various types of text-formatting: different fonts and font sizes, bold, italic, underline, strikeout, as well as any combination of text and highlight colors.
An article is associated with a 'node' which is the most basic part of the tree. The tree can be found inside the left-hand pane.
The article-pane consists of a word processor, which allows you to type in your data. It also supports text-formatting and Unicode.
The tree-pane enables you to browse your data. It consists of 'tree nodes'. Each node is associated with one article. If you select a different node (inside the left-hand pane), then a different article is loaded (inside the right-hand pane).


TreePad UNI does not need any complicated drivers, dll's or frameworks (.Net, Java, ActiveX, ODBC, etc. are not needed).
To install TreePad UNI on Linux or Windows, just copy the program file to a directory of your choice, and start it by double clicking on it.


TreePad UNI is fully portable. You can run it directly from a USB stick without installing anything. On Linux, make sure the USB stick contains a (partition with a) Unix file system (such as Ext4) which allows the 'Execute permission' to be set (in the file properties).
After copying the program files, plug the USB stick into another computer. Double-click on the program and it starts. That's all!


Download TreePad UNI
Available in the course of 2014
Register TreePad UNI
Available in the course of 2014


Database size
The database logic resembles the design of TreePad X Enterprise. This means that TreePad UNI supports larger databases compared to TreePad PLUS/SAFE/Biz.


TreePad UNI runs on Linux and Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 200x, as well as all 64 bit editions of Windows and Linux.


Temporary limitations
The text editor for the article in TreePad UNI has been designed (by us) from scratch to support Unicode and rich text formatting both on Linux and Windows. Because we do not want to be overly ambitious, initial releases will not support the entire feature set of e.g. TreePad PLUS, such as images, tables, underlined hyperlinks, bullets, indents.
Other feaures like custom tree node icons, tree node formatting, tree search, printing, Website generation, right-to-left Unicode-text editing for Hebrew and Arabic will be added to later releases as well.


TreePad Uni is being created by using Free Pascal/Lazarus on Linux as well as Windows.


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