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Registering your copy of TreePad PLUS amounts to no more than $ 29.95 US Dollar (EUR 29.00 approx).
Secure online payment by credit card (or PayPal) is not only the fastest and easiest method, but also enables you to receive your registration number within 24 hours. A variety of other convenient payment options is available as well. MyCommerce and PayPal are authorized to process your registration for TreePad PLUS.
After registering TreePad PLUS, you are entitled to:
Lifetime program usage at no additional cost.
Your TreePad license never expires and it does not limit itself your present computer system. You can install the program on multiple computers for your own usage. Moreover, if, at one point, you need to replace your current computer, you can re-install TreePad PLUS on the new system, using your existing registration number.
Two years of free updates
Please note that for the last 19 years we have not charged anything for updates, although our official upgrade policy is: free updates for two years. More details.
Group discounts
For group discounts, please see below.
MyCommerce offers the following payment options:
Credit card online
Bank/wire transfer
Available payment options may vary depending on the country.
Your registration number will be sent to you by email.

In case you don't have a PayPal account it is recommended that you use the other payment options.

Group discounts for TreePad PLUS
CopiesPrice per item
2 - 4$ 29.95 USD
5 - 10$ 26.55 USD
11 - 20$ 23.95 USD
21 - 40$ 20.95 USD
41 - unlimited$ 18.55 USD
You can register at group discount prices through MyCommerce.


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