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New features in version 4.3
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New features in version 4.3
TreePad Lite upd. November 06, 2009
TreePad Asia upd. December 11, 2009

* Changed: the hyperlink format has been updated. Hyperlinks by default are now enclosed inside square brackets. The old way of enclosing hyperlinks inside double quotes still works. Hyperlinks without any brackets or quotes will also work, but to activate/follow them you need to select/highlight the entire text before pressing "Ctrl H" or clicking "Menu: Navigate/Follow hyperlink".
* Added: "Menu: Insert/Hyperlink/To a directory" and "Popup menu article: Insert/Hyperlink/To a directory".
* Relocated: the menu item for "Insert hyperlink to file" can now be found at "Menu: Insert/Hyperlink/To a file" and "Article popup menu: Insert/Hyperlink/To a file".
* Updated: "Menu: Insert/Hyperlink/To a file" now inserts a hyperlink using the new format (square brackets). This also goes for the corresponding menu item inside the article popup menu.
* Updated: "Menu: Tree/Copy/Node hyperlink address" now copies the address of the node to clipboard using the new format (square brackets). This also holds true for the corresponding item inside the tree popup menu.

* Improved: uninstall now also removes the settings file if it is present inside the global windows "application data" directory.

* Added: the width of the tree pane is now also stored in the settings file.

* Improved: the 'Save' toolbutton and 'Save' menu are now disabled when the file is not changed.
* Bugfix: after the recent improvements the 'readonly' feature did not function properly. Fixed.

* Added: a new help document called "Quick start guide for TreePad Lite".
* Updated: the main manual.
* Removed: Basic manual.

* Bugfix: clicking outside any node would result in a grayed out article. Fixed.

* Bugfix: the duplicate item "Popup Article Menu: Format/To Lowercase" has been replaced by "Popup Article Menu: Format/To Uppercase".


New features in version 4.2
August 23, 2009

* Added: it is now also possible to set the units to "Centimeters" (options screen, category: units).

* Bugfix: none of the buttons in the edit toolbar were functional. Fixed.


New features in version 4.1
August 19, 2009

* Added: a 'Quick start' dialog which gives you the opportunity to:
(1) Open a recent file (from a list of recently opened files)
(2) Open a file from disk (browse for the file)
(3) Create a new file
(4) Do none of the above.
This dialog also has an option 'Show this dialog the next time TreePad starts' which is available in the settings screen as well (see below).

* Added: an option to show (or not show) the TreePad 'Quick start' dialog. Category: TreePad/Startup.
* Added: you can now specify the print margins in inches or millimeters. Category Printer/Page setup.
* Added: you can now select the printer's default paper orientation ('portrait' or 'landscape'). Category Printer/Page setup.
* Added: a new category TreePad/Units. You can select 'Inches' or 'Millimeters'. This will affect the units in the print margins category.
* Added: a new button 'Apply' which immediately carries through any changes but does not close the settings screen.
* Added: the 'default' button now asks for confirmation before the fields in the settings screen are reverted to their default values.
* Changed: the 'Default' button no longer automatically stores the changes. To apply the changes you also need to press 'OK' or 'Apply'.

* Added: Menu: File/Page setup. This opens the 'Page setup' category in the settings screen.

Keyboard shortcuts
* Bugfix: several issues related to keyboard shortcuts have been resolved.

* Improved: the positions of the toolbars are now also stored in the ini file and no longer in the registry.

* Bugfix: the uninstaller did not remove the manual.hjt file from the program's directory. Resolved.


New features in version 4.0
August 08, 2009

* Improved portability: settings are no longer stored inside the Windows registry but in an .ini file.
Moreover, settings can now be either stored in an ini file inside the TreePad program directory or in an ini file inside the Windows 'Local settings' directory.
If you want to use the program as a portable application (run it directly from a USB stick for instance), then you might want to store the settings inside the program directory.

Settings screen
* Added: a button 'Default' to change all settings to their default values.
* Added: an option to print page numbers (category 'Printer')
* Added: a category 'TreePad/Settings' where one can specify where the settings are stored: (1) inside the program directory or (2) inside the Windows local settings directory (default).

File associations
* Changed: TreePad Lite no longer automatically associates itself with .hjt files on program startup. Instead you can do this manually using the "Tools" menu.
* Added: "Menu: Tools/TreePad .hjt files/Associate TreePad Lite with .hjt files". After applying this function double clicking on a .hjt file in Windows will automatically start TreePad with the .hjt file open.
* Added: "Menu: Tools/TreePad .hjt files/Remove file association". This cancels the previous action.

* Improved: both the installer and the program itself are now compatible with all available DEP settings in Windows Vista and Windows XP (DEP = Data Execution Prevention and can be found in the Windows control panel).

* Added: automatic uninstaller icon to the TreePad Lite program group (only visible after using install.exe or install_treepadlite.exe)
* Added: an entry inside the Windows control panel (category 'add remove programs') which can activate the automatic TreePad uninstaller. Please note that this control panel entry is only visible after previously having used install.exe or install_treepadlite.exe to install TreePad Lite.

* Added: you can now also download the program as a self-running/self-installing executable (no need for a zip program). See here.
Please note that we will continue to offer the regular .zip download format as well, not in the least because it gives you the option to manually install the program (the zip archive contains an installer, but to manually install it just extract the files to a directory of your choice and start TreePad by double clicking on treepad.exe).

* Added: a new page where you can download the latest edition of the TreePad Lite manual. See here.
* Added: an online edition of the TreePad Lite manual. It opens directly inside your Webbrowser
* Added: the online manual comes with its own search engine. See the 'search' link at the bottom of each article.
* Added: "Menu: Help/Online manual". This opens the online manual in your default Web browser.
* Added: "Menu: Help/Download newest manual". This opens the download page for the TreePad Lite manual.
* Changed: from now on we will update the TreePad Lite manual separately from the TreePad Lite program. Using "Menu: Help/Download newest manual" from inside TreePad Lite you can always check whether there is a new version of the manual available.

* Changed: skin 'Purple' has been renamed to 'Purple 1'.
* Added: a new skin called 'Purple 2'.
* Improved: the looks of the skins 'Purple 1', 'Blue Sky', 'Blue metallic' and 'Green'.

* Improved: when using larger font sizes (you can specify this in the settings screen) the printer line height is now adjusted accordingly.
* Added: page number printing (optional, see the settings screen).

* Added: icons to the main menu, tree context menu and article context menu.
* Changed: the entire menu structure of the program has been updated. There are now separate menus for 'Tree', 'Insert', 'Format' and 'Tools'.
* Changed: the 'Edit' menu now exclusively applies to the article - this is the same as in the higher TreePad editions.
* Changed: for managing the tree (adding nodes, deleting nodes, etc.) you need to use the new 'Tree' menu.
* Changed: automatic paste has been moved to the 'Tools' menu.
* Added: "Menu: Help/TreePad homepage"
* Added: "Menu: Help/ homepage"

* Added: "Menu: View/Auto arrange toolbars". In case there are gaps between the toolbars this function will pack them all back together again. This function is also available in the toolbar popup menu.

About screen
* Improved: 'About' screen ("Menu: Help/About") with a nice new 'TreePad Lite' logo.


New features in version 3.0
TreePad Lite upd. April 15, 2006
TreePad Asia upd. June 17, 2006

* Added: a settings screen containing many new options. You can access the settings screen through "menu: View/options" or the new options toolbutton.

* Added: a new button to open the options screen has been added to the file toolbar
* Improved: the 'Follow Hyperlink' icon on the 'navigate' toolbar has been replaced with a better icon.
* Improved: the 'Search article' icon has been replaced with a nicer icon
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also contains menu items for the infobars
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also appears when right-clicking on the article title bar, just below the article.

* Added: one can now switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of TreePad's toolbars. Menu/view/skin or toolbar popup-menu/skin. The following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, chrome, aluminium, vanilla, purple and green. The 'classic' skin corresponds to how the program looked during the last few years.
* Added: a new skins menu has been added to the toolbar popup menu, as well as to the view menu

* Added: Windows XP themes support
* Improved: the tab below the article has been replaced with a nicer looking panel displaying the name of the article
* Updated 'About' screen, menu: help/about

Tray icon
* Many new tray icon options, such as: show in tray when minimized, show in tray when active, show in tray and taskbar when minimized, etc. etc. Menu: View/options

* Added: a tree folder icon for each node. You can hide (and show) this icon using the options screen, menu: view/options


New features in versions released between 1995 and 2005

For a list of new features in earlier versions, please see here.



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