TreePad Lite feature history 1995 - 2005

TreePad Lite feature history for 1995 - 2005
A list of more recent new features can be found here

Version 3.0

New features in version 3.0
*********** Options ***************
* Added: a settings screen containing many new options. You can access the settings screen through "menu: View⁄options" or the new options toolbutton.
********** Toolbars ***************
* Added: a new button to open the options screen has been added to the file toolbar
* Improved: the 'Follow Hyperlink' icon on the 'navigate' toolbar has been replaced with a better icon.
* Improved: the 'Search article' icon has been replaced with a nicer icon
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also contains menu items for the infobars
* Added: the right-click toolbar menu now also appears when right-clicking on the article title bar, just below the article.
********** Skins ***************
* Added: one can now switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of TreePad's toolbars. Menu⁄view⁄skin or toolbar popup-menu⁄skin. The following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, chrome, aluminium, vanilla, purple and green. The 'classic' skin corresponds to how the program looked during the last few years.
* Added: a new skins menu has been added to the toolbar popup menu, as well as to the view menu
********** User-interface *********
* Added: Windows XP themes support
* Improved: the tab below the article has been replaced with a nicer looking panel displaying the name of the article
* Updated 'About' screen, menu: help⁄about
********** Tray icon **************
* Many new tray icon options, such as: show in tray when minimized, show in tray when active, show in tray and taskbar when minimized, etc. etc. Menu: View⁄options
********* Tree *******************
* Added: a tree folder icon for each node. You can hide (and show) this icon using the options screen, menu: view⁄options

Version 2.9.4

New features in version 2.9.4
********** Toolbars ***************
Improved: new toolbar icons (tree edit toolbar, tree expand and collapse icons)
********** Tree navigation *******
Added: key combination alt-down and alt-up navigates to next sibling (skipping any visible child nodes on deeper levels)

Version 2.9.3

New features in version 2.9.3
********** View ***************
Added: menu⁄view⁄on top, to keep TreePad on top of all other applications
********** Manual ************
Added: menu shortcut to the manual, menu⁄help⁄manual, or F1

Version 2.9

New features in version 2.9
********* Versions *************
TreePad Freeware now comes in two versions: TreePad Lite and TreePad Asia. Both programs are freeware and almost identical. One difference is that 'TreePad Asia' is optimized for non-western fonts. Using 'menu⁄language mode' in TreePad Asia, one can select different character modes (IME), like Hiragana, Katakana. TreePad Lite does not have this feature. On the other hand, TreePad Asia misses the 'menu⁄edit⁄search replace' function.
********** Navigate ************
Added: new navigate menu and new navigate toolbar
Added: tree navigation functions (Go up, Go down, Go left, Go right)
Added: tree explode (expand) function which expands the selected subtree. Using the explode button while holding shift, expands only the first level
Added: tree implode (collapse) function, which collapses the selected subtree. Using the implode button while holding shift, collapses only the first level
Added: follow hyperlink menu item and toolbar button
******** Search ***************
Added: article and tree search buttons
Added: shortcut keys for tree search (shift+F11) and article search (shift+F12)
Note: the ctrl-F keyboard shortcut is still valid for activating article and tree search.
******* Tree edit ***************
Updated: new buttons in the edit toolbar

Version 2.8.1

********** ARTICLE SEARCH ⁄ REPLACE ************
Added: an article search⁄replace window. There is an option where you can specify to replace the first found occurence, or all occurences of the search string. You can also enable an option so that the program asks you wether or not it is OK to replace the occurence of the search string with the new string. Menu: "menu⁄search⁄Article Replace". Shortcut: ctrl-r
******* HYPERLINKS *******
Improved: hyperlinks do not need to be enclosed in double quotes anymore, nor do they need to be totally selected anymore when you try to activate them. One exception is the case where a hyperlink contains one or more space characters. When a hyperlink contains space characters you  must either:
(1) enclose the hyperlink between double quotes
(2) or select the whole hyperlink before activating it
In more detail:
* Most hyperlinks do not need to be enclosed inside double quotes. You can activate a hyperlink by applying ctrl-left-mouse-click on the hyperlink. Example: http:⁄⁄
* alternatively, one can use ctrl-h, the text cursor has to be inside the hyperlink for this.
When a hyperlink contains one or more space characters, like e.g. 
file:⁄⁄c:\program files\myprogram\start.exe   
TreePad has no reliable way of knowing where the hyperlink starts or ends. If you ctrl-click on the first part of the example hyperlink, it will try to activate the hyperlink 'c:\program', if you click on the second part, it will try to open 'files\myprogram\start.exe'. Neither attempts are very likely to succeed.
There are two solutions to this problem:
(1) enclose hyperlinks which contain spaces within double quotes. You can activate these hyperlinks directly using ctrl-left-click or ctrl-h. Example: "file:⁄⁄c:\program files\myprogram\start.exe"
(2) if you don't want to enclose hyperlinks within double quotes, e.g. because you imported a large number of hyperlinks from a text file, you will need to select the complete text of a hyperlink each time before you activate the hyperlink.

Version 2.8

******* HYPERLINKS *******
Added: hyperlinks to newsgroups are now supported (links starting with 'news:⁄⁄')
********* EXPORT ***********
Bugfix: tree nodes containing characters which are not allowed in filenames will now be exported without any problems. Illegal filename characters are converted to underscores.
******** ABOUT SCREEN ******
Added: The about screen now contains active hyperlinks to and
******** RUNNING TREEPAD *******
Bugfix: occasionally TreePad Freeware had problems running on some computers with Windows 98 SE installed. This problem has been corrected in TreePad Freeware.

Version 2.7.3

******* HYPERLINKS *******
New action to activate hyperlinks: ctrl-mouse_left_click
****** SEARCH ************
Tree search is no longer case sensitive when searching articles
Check field on article search window for automatically hiding the search window after a successful search
Check field on the tree search window for automatically hiding the search window after a line of the search result has been double clicked
The search windows, will have the text input field automatically selected immediatetly after they show up.
In article search, 'enter' the first time will perform a 'find first', 'Enter' the next time will perform a 'find next'.
In this version, the two search windows have been made modal. A modal Windows does not allow any editing or clicking in other application windows, like the main window containing the article. This change has been made, because some strange problems have been traced to the fact that the search windows were not modal in  versions 2.7, 2.7.1 and 2.7.2.
When typed ctrl-v in the search windows, clipboard text was pasted into the article. This strange behaviour has been fixed by making both the search windows modal (also see directly above).
******** TRAY ******************
TreePad icon did not always appear correctly in the system tray after minimizing, this problem has been fixed
******* TREE ******************
Reintroduced: option for setting the tree background color
******* DOCUMENTATION *******
Updated fileformat.txt, technical documentation which describes the TreePad data file format.
Added information on the 'data type indicator' introduced in TreePad 2.7

Version 2.7.2

Hyperlinks to files did not function in versions 2.7 and 2.7.1. This has been fixed.

Version 2.7

********  SEARCH ********
Two new search Windows for easier search
Changed: search menu structure
when in article, ctrl-F starts new artlcle search
when in tree, ctrl-F starts new tree search
F3 = search⁄next in article
******** EDIT ********
Added: copy and paste of subtrees
This can be performed within one TreePad instance running, and between two different TreePad instances running. E.g. you can copy a subtree, and paste it into another TreePad which is running. You can copy a subtree, close the file, open another file and paste the subtree into the other file.
menu⁄edit⁄copy⁄subtree or popup menu tree⁄copy⁄subtree
menu⁄edit⁄paste⁄subtree or popup menu tree⁄paste⁄subtree
article: ctrl+shift+z = undo last format
(note: article: ctrl+z= undo last edit)
article: menu⁄edit⁄automatic paste
********  HYPERLINKS ********
Added hyperlinks to URLs:
hyperlinks to www addresses: "http:⁄⁄"
hyperlinks to email addresses: ""
hyperlinks to ftp addresses: "ftp:⁄⁄⁄pub⁄softpaq⁄allfiles.html"
Note: a TreePad hyperlink needs to be in between double quotes
********  RUNNING TREEPAD ********
TreePad is now able to start minimized. That is, when you create a shortcut pointing to the treepad.exe file, and assign the property 'minimized' to the shortcut, the program will start minimized.
Now saves window size⁄position on exit again
Changed, tray icon:
menu⁄view⁄options⁄treepad⁄send to tray when minimized, when this option is checked, treepad will show in the system tray (next to the little Windows clock) after it is minimized, and its icon will not show in the Windows taskbar. After clicking on the TreePad tray-icon the program Window will appear again, and the TreePad icon will show normally in the Windows taskbar.
When not checked, TreePad will behave like most programs, that is the icon will stay in the windows taskbar.
Added, tray icon menu option:
For fast minimizing to tray, new menu item: menu⁄file⁄minimize to tray, minimized TreePad to tray, regardless of any setting. or ctrl-M.
********  FILES ********
When opening a file, you get a warning message if it is opened in readonly mode
TreePad now detects if a file is opened in another TreePad instance, and will refuse to open that file. This prevents accidental opening of one file twice.
The root node is now not automatically set to the file name. Only if the root name has not been changed by the user ('<new node>') will TreePad change it to be the same as the file name.
article: popup menu for inserting a text file
tree: popup menus for import⁄export
********  INSTALL⁄UNINSTALL ********
automatic install, optional.
automatic file association of TreePad with .hjt files (i.e., double clicking on an .hjt file will open the file in TreePad). This becomes effective after running TreePad once.
Added: uninstall support
Command-line switch ⁄uninstall, which removes TreePad registry items and file association with .hjt files. To uninstall TreePad, run treepad.exe ⁄uninstall and remove the TreePad files from the TreePad directory.
********  VARIOUS ********
The Readme file is now in HTML form.

Version 2.6.9

The shortcut for the article-edit⁄delete menu is now shift+ctrl+delete.
ctrl+delete works now as in most standard editors.
delete and cut all article text when nothing is selected can now also be undone using ctrl-z or the undo article popup-menu option.
When pressing ctrl-H or popup menu⁄goto⁄hyperlink inside an empty article, this does not generate an access violation anymore
The save-dialog for exporting articles and subtrees now automatically defaults the export-filename to name of the exported node.

Version 2.6.8

When TreePad is minimized the minimized window no longer stays visible (Windows 3 style).

Version 2.6.7

Menu options to change the IME mode. This can be useful when using TreePad with non-western⁄asian fonts. See 'menu⁄view⁄options⁄treepad⁄IME mode'
The hints in the tree area can now actually be disabled. See the menu item 'Menu⁄view⁄options⁄tree⁄enable hints'.
The file menu is no longer disabled when the tree part is hidden.
When the whole text of a node was deleted after not typing in anything in that article, TreePad would still display the deleted text the next time that article was visited. The situation has been corrected.

Version 2.6.6

Added: a readonly database option.
This option enables you to make files which can not easily be changed by other users.
This option is very useful for distributing documentation and other data which should only be changed by the author(s).
It also enables the possibility of many users  accessing the same TreePad database simultaneously (for readonly) without the danger of creating a mess of the data.
For more information, follow the hyperlink
"node:⁄⁄TreePad manual⁄Using Treepad⁄Advanced features⁄Readonly Database Option"
Runtime error 216 on some Windows 95⁄98 systems, after closing TreePad has been fixed.
Added, shortcut key:
tree, ctrl-i: insert child of selected node
Added, shortcut key:
tree, ctrl-shift-delete: deletes a node without asking for confirmation. Useful if you want to delete a bunch of nodes quickly.
Added, shortcut key:
article: shift-ctrl-1 = Remove Leading spaces
article: shift-ctrl-2 = Remove spaces and returns

Version 2.6.5

article, insert date+time now has shortcut ctrl-shift-J
article, convert to uppercase has gotten shortcut ctrl-shift-U
article, convert to lowercase has gotten shortcut ctrl-shift-L
Tree: when a node name is edited, now all the standard editor shortcuts work as in any normal editor. E.g. shift-ins pastes text from the clipboard into the node name, end brings the text-edit cursor to the end of the node name.
With the new article edit control, a problem could arise when wordwrap was on: during edit and subsequent storage, sometimes return characters were inserted at the end of a wrapped line. This version has that fixed.

Version 2.6.4

Bug Fixed:
Version 2.6.3 did not respond to tray-icon events. This has
been fixed in version 2.6.4
Bug Fixed:
Version 2.6.4 now correctly restores TreePad child windows
when activated with the tray-icon.

Version 2.6.3

****** HYPERLINKS *******
Added: Hyperlinks!!
Currently only absolute hyperlinks to files and to TreePad nodes are implemented. Examples:
"node:⁄⁄TreePad Manual⁄Using Treepad"
Following⁄opening hyperlinks:
You can open⁄follow a hyperlink by pressing ctrl-H with the keyboard. Alternatively you can also do this with the article popup menu ('popup menu article⁄goto⁄hyperlink').
NOTE: your edit cursor has to be inside the hyperlink text in both cases.
For more information and how to insert hyperlinks to nodes and files, see:
"node:⁄⁄TreePad manual⁄Using Treepad⁄Advanced features⁄Hyperlinks"
Popup tree⁄statistics: you can view the amount of nodes,
and amount of characters in the selected subtree
Menu⁄Help⁄System Info: displays the memory status of
your system, and the heap memory used by TreePad
***** DRAG AND DROP *****
When dragging a node into a target node, the subtree of
the target node is not automatically expanded

Version 2.6.2

The size limit of one article has been moved up from about 60 000 characters to 1 million characters.
Bug fix:
The problem with non-western fonts in the Article area introduced in version 2.6 has been fixed.

Version 2.6

*******  TREE ******
The tree area now automatically scrolls during drag and
drop operations (if necessary). This new, and frequently
requested feature is very useful for moving nodes to
areas which are too far up or down to be displayed in
the current window.
Added, four tree shortcut keys:
shift-up (moves the selected node up)
shift-down (moves the selected node down)
shift-left (moves the selected node left)
shift-right (moves the selected node right)
Try out these shortcut keys, you will be surprised how
naturally they operate!
Related useful shortcut keys (but not new)  in the tree
area are:
'right keyboard cursor key' opens a subtree,
'left keyboard cursor key' closes a subtree
Added, tree popup menu items
Popup menu tree⁄move⁄up (moves the selected node up)
Popup menu tree⁄move⁄down (moves the selected node down)
********  SEARCH ********
FULL SEARCH, which enables you to search the subtree or
the total tree inside all articles and node titles.
Popup menu tree⁄search⁄subtree
'popup menu article⁄search' which opens the search
toolbox and sets the search mode to 'search current
*******  FILE IMPORT *****
'menu⁄file⁄import⁄into tree⁄text file(s)' can import one
or several text files into corresponding nodes⁄articles.
The nodes⁄articles are automatically created, and become
children of the selected node. With this option you can
build a subtree very fast.
'menu⁄file⁄import⁄into article⁄text file' does not
replace the total article content anymore, but inserts
the imported file at the cursor position in the article
area.  In case a text block is selected, that selected
block is replaced by the imported file.
**********  EDIT ********
'popup menu article⁄undo last edit' which undoes the
last edit action (ctrl-z already was the shortcut key).
'popup menu article⁄format⁄To Uppercase' and 'popup menu
article⁄format⁄To Lowercase', which converts the
selected textblock to uppercase or lowercase.
********** GENERAL  *********
The message 'Changes are not saved' in the statusbar at
the bottom. This message occurs only if you have changed
an article or the tree, and the changes are not saved.
The caption of the TreePad taskbar icon will now be
"<filename> - TreePad" instead of "TreePad: <filename>".
When the option 'save automatically on exit' is enabled,
TreePad did always save the data, even when nothing had
been changed. The current version only saves the data
when something really has changed, which is how it
should be, of course.
********** VIEW *********
menu⁄view⁄info bars
menu⁄view⁄info bars⁄article-title tab
which can hide or show the tab which is displaying the
article title.

Version 2.5.1

several tree popup menu commands to move nodes and groups of nodes:
tree popup menu⁄move⁄current node move right:
Makes the current node a child of the previous sibling
tree popup menu⁄move⁄current node move left
Makes the current node a sibling of its current parent
tree popup menu⁄next siblings move right
Makes all the siblings beneath the current node children of the current node.
tree popup menu⁄all children move left
Makes all the children of the current node siblings of the current node
These menu commands can also be accessed via the main edit menu when the tree has focus.
A help menu on using drag-and-drop, since this useful feature in TreePad has been unknown to many users.

Version 2.5

some popup menu items have been arranged in a more logical manner
In the tree part, shift-enter inserts a sibling node after the selected one, without showing the node text editor. Useful if you want to insert a batch of nodes before editing their titles.
(reminder: pressing 'enter' in the tree area  inserts a sibling node after the selected one, showing the node text editor after insertion as usual)
Bug fix:
TreePad font settings will now also affect the combobox⁄text-box in which one can enter the search text. This means that one can search with Japanese and other non-western fonts after one sets the global TreePad font with menu⁄view⁄options⁄TreePad⁄font..
the shortcut commands for pasting date, time and date+time have changed to shift+ctrl+d, shift+ctrl+t, shift+ctrl+u to avoid a mixup with other shortcut-key commands.
To this manual, a subtree on printing, including an article on a method of printing well-formatted trees, displaying indentations at each subnode level.

Version 2.4

Bug fix:
The wordwrap setting is now remembered at re-start.
Menu⁄view⁄options⁄article⁄allow tabs
When checked, the article will respond to pressing the tab key by inserting a tab character. Pressing ctrl-tab will switch focus to the tree.
When this menu option is not checked, the article will respond to pressing the tab key by switching focus to the tree, and when ctrl- tab is pressed, the article will insert a tab character. This is the way previous TreePad versions did handle tab keystrokes.
When in the tree area, both ctrl-tab and tab will switch focus to the article area.
Paste date, time and date+time to the tree popup menu
Search subtree articles and search subtree nodes to the tree popup menu. When you click a search popup menu item the search toolbar will be made visible and the focus will be set to the search edit box. The search mode will be automatically set to the right value.
Print subtree and print subtree nodes to the tree popup menu
The tree popup menu system system has been re-organized to be somewhat more intuitive.
Bug fix:
The bug that an active TreePad program could prevent Windows shutdown should now have been fixed.

Version 2.3.3

Tray icon⁄menu⁄restore will now always restore TreePad to a non minimized and non maximized state
After file⁄new one can now edit the root node title. However, the title is overwritten with the filename once the file is saved. The old situation did cause considerable confusion with novice TreePad users - not being able to edit the first node they added.

Version 2.3.1

The new tray-icon option had some bugs in version 2.3 : clicking on the tray-icon did not always bring TreePad to the foreground. Starting TreePad mimimized also could cause some problems.
Version 2.3.1 had these problems removed
"Save file" and "Backup to file" have been added to the Tray-icon popup menu.
The view-toolbar buttons for article and tree visibility will now stay visibly pressed if the associated option is selected. The same goes for the wordwrap button.

Version 2.3

Minimize to Tray
When you check the menu item "view⁄TreePad⁄Show icon in System &Tray", the TreePad taskbar icon will not appear the next time you start up the program, but a small TreePad tray-icon will be visible (in the same area as the taskbar clock).
When you click on this icon, TreePad will be activated.
When you right-click on the icon, a popup menu will appear with options to minimize, maximize, restore (to its normal size) or close TreePad.
You can of course un-check the menu item "view⁄TreePad⁄Show icon in System &Tray", in which case TreePad will appear as usual in the Windows taskbar after restart of the program.

Version 2.2

A search toolbar. This toolbar replaces the search window.
If you are used to the old search system, this might take a little getting used to.
But after working with it some time, I think you will agree with me that this is much easier to work with.
To show the search Toolbar⁄ToolWindow, you can
1) click menu⁄view⁄toolbars⁄search,
2) right mouse menu on toolbar area⁄search,
3) or simply do menu⁄search⁄enter search text.
In the search ToolWindow⁄Toolbar
With the small down arrow you can adjust what is searched (nodes, articles, etc.).
With the looking glass button you can start a new search.
With the 'right arrow' button you can do 'search again'.
An article edit toolbar.
The option to show⁄hide the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
An extensive toolbar system. Currently there are five toolbars available. Toolbars can be rearranged, shown and hidden. Toolbars can be converted to tool windows and vice versa.
Moving toolbars can be done by dragging the handles which are shown on the left side of each toolbar.
The size of the toolbar area can be increased by docking a toolbar to the bottom of the toolbar area.
Converting a toolbar into a tool window can be done by dragging the toolbar into the main program area.
Converting a tool window into a toolbar can be done by dragging the tool window into the toolbar area.
Showing⁄hiding a toolbar can be done with menu⁄view⁄toolbars, or by the rightclick menu of the toolbar area.
Bug fix:
Exporting a subtree to a text file did not include the node titles. This has been corrected in version 2.2.

Version 2.1

New search function: 'Search subtree articles'.
Searches through all the articles in a subtree, but not the node titles.
Article⁄popup-menu⁄format⁄spaces and returns:
This function now formats whole article if no text is selected, otherwise only the selected text.
Article⁄popup-menu⁄format⁄leading spaces:
This function removes the leading spaces at the start of each line for the selected text or for the whole article if nothing is selected.
A toolbar button to directly print the article or the selected part of the article
Menu⁄File⁄print⁄article now automatically prints only the selected part of the article, or the whole article if nothing is selected.
Automatic pasting into the article. You can enable this option with article⁄popup-menu⁄automatic paste.
Any text which is put onto the cliboard will be pasted automatically into the currently selected article, even if TreePad is in the background.  To notify you of the arrival of new clipboard data, TreePad will sound a short beep.
Menu⁄File⁄Import⁄Tree⁄Comma Separated file
Comma separated files (or CSV files) can be used to import data from spreadsheet and database programs.
TreePad will import only the first two fields of any record in the CSV file. The first field will be appearing as a node title, the second field the corresponding article content.
The CSV data will be imported into the currently selected node as a subtree. The root of this subtree is named after the imported file.

Version 2.0

A tree popup menu item ('insert sibling node after') has been added which inserts a sibling node AFTER the currently selected node. The shortcut key for this is the <enter> key. However, note that if you are editing the node text, the enter key will not insert a sibling node. It will then simply close the node editor.
The tree popup menu 'insert sibling node' has been renamed to 'insert sibling node before'.
A toolbar with shortcut icons for file⁄new, file⁄open, file⁄save, search, node insert and delete commands, subtree sort command and some view commands.
The menu item 'View' has been added. With its containing submenus, one can show or hide the tree or article area. Easy shortcut keys for these functions are also provided: F10 for 'show both', F11 for show 'tree only', F12 for 'show article only'. This way you can e.g. do a full screen article edit, and with one keyboard stroke, you can go to the tree area if you want to select another article.
The menu item options has been moved to the menu item view.
file⁄export⁄article⁄as HTML file This option can save the current article as a HTML file
menu item: file⁄export⁄Subtree⁄as HTML This option saves the selected subtree as a nested definition list HTML file. Every node level is indented in the same way as in the TreePad left pane.
Some remarks for those using the HTML export functions
You can get erroneous results if you have certain HTML tags in your article texts. TreePad will export any text, meaning also e.g. <!-- . If you have the latter HTML tag for 'remark' in an exported article and not the and tag - ->, your HTML viewer will ignore the rest of the exported text and nodes as being just commentary. On the other hand, if you want to create a HTML page, you can purposefully add tags like <a href="http:⁄⁄">Freebyte!<⁄a> which will display correctly in the HTML browser⁄viewer.
The user interface of the search box has been slightly altered.
Bug removal
After deleting a node, previous versions did not show the content of the newly selected node. In version 2.0 this issue has been addressed.

Version 1.9

It could happen that certain Windows programs would copy an EOF character onto the clipboard. If you then would paste the clipboard content into TreePad, the TreePad file would then be truncated at the point of the newly pasted EOF character. Version 1.9 now filters the clipboard for any harmful ASCII control characters, so unwanted effects will be avoided.
The selected tree node now always is visible as selected in the tree area, even when the tree does not have the focus. Provided, of course that you have not scrolled that node out of view.

Version 1.8

Commands added to article:
keyboard Ctrl-Down: scroll down
keyboard Ctrl-Up: scroll up
popup-menu article⁄Goto⁄End:
places the cursor at the end of the article
popup-menu article⁄Goto⁄Start:
places the cursor at the start of the article
Altered article commands
I have removed the popup menu copy⁄all, copy⁄selected, cut⁄all, cut⁄selected, delete⁄all, delete⁄selected commands.
Instead of these commands, I have enhanced and intuitively automated the functionality of the basic copy, cut and delete commands as explained below.
popup-menu tree⁄copy:
If nothing is selected, copies the entire article to clipboard; else: copies the selected part of the article to the clipboard.
popup-menu tree⁄cut:
If nothing is selected, cuts the entire article to clipboard; else: cuts the selected part of the article to the clipboard.
popup-menu tree⁄delete:
If nothing is selected, asks the user for confirmation, if positive then deletes the entire article
If something is selected in the article: deletes the selected part.

Version 1.7.3

Tree⁄popup menu⁄insert sibling node (inserts brother⁄sister node).

Version 1.7.1

file⁄printer setup menu option
Options⁄TreePad⁄Font (can now also set the search combo box to Japanese and other non Western fonts).
The width of the tree and article panes is now also restored at restart.

Version 1.7

Backup function (file⁄backup to)

Version 1.6

1) The search options are now performed at lightning speed.
2) Previous search strings are now stored in a combo box.
1) Autosave option (Options⁄TreePad⁄Autosave)
2) Treepad will now remember the last node that was selected when restarting.

Version 1.5

Automatically formatting an article with the popup menu command 'format'. See the node Manual⁄Article⁄Automatic formatting in this file.

Version 1.4

File⁄Import⁄Tree: Imports a subtree into the selected node.
More edit shortcut keys for the Article area: like ctrl-A for select all, ctrl-C for copy, ctrl-X for Cut, ctrl-V for paste.

Version 1.3

Printer command added:
File⁄Print⁄Subtree⁄Nodes and Articles: prints all the nodes and articles in a selected subtree
Export commands added:
File⁄Export⁄Subtree⁄As text file: exports all the nodes and articles into a .txt file
File⁄Export⁄Subtree⁄As TreePad file: exports all the nodes and articles into a new TreePad file.

Version 1.2

Printer commands added:
Main Menu⁄Options⁄Printer⁄font: sets the printer font
Main Menu⁄Options⁄Printer⁄setup: printer setup dialog
Recently opened files are now easily accessed:
Main Menu⁄Reopen: shows a list of most recently opened files. It is empty the first time you start up, and is also empty if you have ever only opened one file in TreePad.
Tree sorting commands added:
Popup Menu⁄Total tree⁄Sort total tree: sorts all the nodes in the tree alphabetically
PopupMmenu⁄Subtree⁄Sort one level only: sorts only the highest level of a subtree alphabetically.
Tree manipulation commands added:
Popup Menu⁄Total tree⁄Expand one level
Popup Menu⁄Total tree⁄Collapse one level
Popup Menu⁄Total tree⁄Collapse total tree
Speed improvement:
The node searching speed is improved, but will be even faster in the future.
The shortcut keys for inserting date, time and date + time have changed to respectively ctrl-d, ctrl-t and ctrl-u.
Reason: F3 was both used for inserting date and the command menu⁄search⁄search again in previous versions.
The menu's have been rearranged to introduce a more standardized user interface.
Printing a subtree and an article is now under Main Menu⁄File⁄Print
Saving and loading the article as text is now under Main
Menu⁄File⁄Export⁄Article and Main Menu⁄File⁄Import⁄Article
Printer setup is now under Main Menu⁄Options⁄Printer⁄Setup

Version 1.1

Printing all the node names of a subtree (command: popup menu⁄subtree⁄print⁄nodes)
Printing the current article (command: popup menu⁄print⁄article)
Printing a selected part of the current article (command: popup menu⁄print⁄selected)

Version 1.0

Shortcut keys Tree: 
F2 is "edit tree node", 
shift F10 is "open context menu" (popup menu)
Shortcut keys  Article:
ctrl-d is "insert current date",
ctrl-t is "insert current time",
ctrl-u is "insert current date and time",
shift F10 is "open context menu"
Background colors can now be set for both the article and tree (menu "options").
Note: the tree colors do not function correctly as far as the text colors, and text background colors are concerned. This issue will be addressed in future versions.
The root node of any tree wil now display the current file name, and the caption of the form will now display the complete path of the current file name.
TreePad has been speeded up. Opening and closing large files is now faster.

Version 0.9.9

the date and time format for the insert date, insert time, insert date+time commands now follow the local computer settings.
Menu⁄Options⁄Keep TreePad on top (you now can choose to keep TreePad on top of all other programs, or not).

Version 0.9.8

Keyboard insert key will now insert a child node
Keyboard delete key will now delete current node
(.hjt) TreePad files can be associated with the TreePad program.
This can be done in the Windows explorer, view⁄options.
After that, double clicking on a hjt file will start TreePad.
The date and⁄or time can be inserted into an article

Version 0.9.6

Nodes can be rearranged, instead of only moved into another node (becoming a child of that node).  Rearranging a node can be achieved by dragging the node into another node,  first pressing down the shift-key.  The node will be placed just after the node it was moved into, but on the same level as that node.
The fonts of the tree and the article can be adjusted. This way also non-european languages can be displayed and stored in TreePad.
The text of the current article can be saved and loaded to and from a text file.
The settings from a previous session, like font, loaded file, window position and window size will be restored at the next startup.