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New features in version 8.2.1
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New features in version 8.2.2

February 05, 2018
Free upgrade to all registered users

File catalog
* Updated: large file sizes (and large file totals) are now reported correctly.

* Bugfix: switching directly between article search and tree search dialogs could lock up the program. Fixed in this release.


New features in version 8.2.1

December 16, 2017
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: 'Menu: History' which is only visible when the history pane is open.
* Added: 'Menu: History/Activate link' which activates the selected item in the history pane.
* Added: 'Menu: History/Copy as hyperlink(s)', which copies one or more selected items (in the history pane). After this you can paste them as hyperlinks into the article (using 'Menu: Edit/Paste special/Paste node(s) as hyperlink(s)', see below).
* Added: a history pane popup-menu, containing the items 'Activate link' and 'Copy as hyperlink(s)'.

* Added: 'Menu: SearchR' which is only visible when the search-results pane is open.
* Added: 'Menu: SearchR/Activate link' which activates the selected item in the search-results pane.
* Added: 'Menu: SearchR/Copy as hyperlink(s)', which copies one or more selected items (in the search-results pane). After this you can paste them as hyperlinks into the article (using 'Menu: Edit/Paste special/Paste node(s) as hyperlink(s)', see below).
* Added: a search-results pane popup-menu, containing the items 'Activate link' and 'Copy as hyperlink(s)'.
* Added: to the article search window, the function 'find previous'.

* Added: 'Menu: Bookmarks/Copy as hyperlink(s)', which copies one or more selected items (in the bookmarks pane). After this you can paste them as hyperlinks into the article (using 'Menu: Edit/Paste special/Paste node(s) as hyperlink(s)', see below).
* Added: to the popup menu of the bookmarks-pane, the item 'Copy as hyperlink(s)'.

* Improved: 'Menu: Edit/Paste special/Paste node(s) as hyperlink(s)', is able to paste multiple hyperlinks (in one go) into the article.

* Improved: the color and text of the selected node are now more distinctive, when the tree does not have focus.

Export to multiple HTML files
* Bugfix: the links between nodes (between the exported HTML files) are now functional.
* Added: clicking on a link to a node which does not exist (in the original subtree), shows a javascript box displaying 'node not found'.

Reminders, alarms
* Bugfix: error message 'invalid argument to date/time encode'.

Language pack
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 4.1.

Trial period
* Changed: the trial period of TreePad Business Edition is now independent of the trial period of TreePad PLUS and TreePad SAFE (as well as TreePad X Enterprise).


New features in version 8.1

November 19, 2012
Free upgrade to all registered users

Reminders, alarms
* Added: a delete button to the 'Edit reminder' dialog. Using this button you can delete an existing reminder without deleting the associated node/article.

* Bugfix: inside the 'Paragraph format' dialog (Menu: Format/Paragraph), you can now also enter a negative value inside the the field 'First line' using the keyboard.
* Bugfix: inside the 'Quick format' dialog, category 'indentation', the field 'first line' now also allows negative values.

Language pack
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 4.0.1.


New features in version 8.0

July 13, 2012
Free upgrade to all registered users

Reminders, alarms
* Added: reminders. A reminder shows itself (making a sound as well) at a specified time to remind you of something. A reminder is associated with a tree node. A tree node can only have one reminder.
* Info: a reminder can also function as alarm. See 'alert/sound type' below.
* Added: a 'Show Reminder' dialog, which pops up (and makes a sound) when a reminder gets activated. The 'Show Reminder' dialog displays the title of the associated tree-node, as well as the first few lines of the article. You can:
    - accept the reminder, which opens the associated node/article.
    - postpone the reminder for few minutes (configurable).
    - dismiss the reminder, so that it will never activate again.
* Info: a reminder will be activated:
    - at or after the reminder activation date/time.
  and only:
    - while reminders are enabled (default) in the settings screen.
    - when the TreePad file (containing the reminder) is open.
    - when there is no TreePad dialog open. It will wait until any dialog is closed.
* Added: "Menu: Tree/Reminder", which opens the 'Create reminder' dialog. This dialog enables you to define a new reminder which will be attached to the current tree node.
* Added: if the node already has a reminder, then "Menu: Tree/Reminder" will open the 'Edit reminder' dialog. This dialog allows you to update (or delete) an existing reminder.
* Added: the create/edit reminder dialogs allow you to specify the
    - reminder activation date
    - reminder activation time
    - alert/sound type, which can be: 'reminder' or 'alarm'
* Added: "Popup menu tree/Reminder" which also opens the create or edit reminder dialog.
* Added: "Menu: Search/List all reminders" which will enumerate all existing reminders inside the search results pane.

* Added: a new category 'Reminder' to the settings screen.
* Added: a checkbox 'enable reminders' which by default is checked. While this option is unchecked, reminders will not activate.
* Added: an option to change 'postponing time', which is the number of minutes after which a reminder, being 'postponed' by the user, will pop up again.
. * Added: you can also access the 'Reminder' category directly from inside the 'Create/Edit Reminder' and 'Show Reminder' dialogs using an 'Options' button.

* Added: in case you attempt to open a non-existent file from the reopen menu, TreePad will ask whether or not to remove it from the recent files list (previously it would just have removed it).
* Added: if you attempt to open a non-existent file from the favorites menu, TreePad now asks whether or not to remove it from the favorites list.

* Improved: the list of fonts inside the 'Quick formatting' dialog now also includes OpenType fonts.
* Bugfix: after applying just 'borders and shading' to a plain text article, TreePad would not remember this change. Fixed in the current release.

* Improved: when you perform 'Menu: Edit/Delete' while nothing is selected (in the article) TreePad now displays the following confirmation message: 'This action cannot be undone. Delete all text?'.

* Improved: using 'Tab', 'ctrl Tab' or 'F12' to set focus to (a newly loaded) article would place the text cursor at the bottom. Now the text cursor will be placed at the top of the article.

* Changed: "Insert special" has moved to "Menu: Tree/Insert/Insert special" and "Popup menu tree/Insert/Insert special".

Install and uninstall
* Improved: the installer now contains new and state-of-the-art folder dialogs. These are useful when you want to select a non-default program-directory or start-menu folder.
* Improved: the user-interface of the installer has been redesigned using a new skin.

* Added: digital signatures. The installer, uninstaller and TreePad program itself now are 'code-signed' by us, meaning: Freebyte Software Engineering.
* Info: our digital signature can be viewed (in Windows, not Linux/Wine) by right-clicking on any of the executables (the installer, uninstaller or the TreePad program), then click 'Properties'. Finally, open the tab 'Digital signatures'.

Language pack
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 4.0.


New features in version 7.7.5

September 19, 2011
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: a 'Quick Formatting' toolbar button for faster mouse-access to Quick Format styles and functions.
* Bugfix: the font-color and -background color buttons did not display the background color of the selected text. Fixed in the current release.

Language pack
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 3.3.


New features in version 7.7.4

August 22, 2011
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: you can now also use "Menu: Navigate/Follow hyperlink" and "Ctrl H" to activate hyperlink fields (inside XML forms). These are fields like 'home page', 'email address', 'phone', 'fax'. Double clicking on these fields works as before.

* Improved: on Windows 7 systems, clicking "Menu: Help/System info" now correctly identifies the operating system as 'Windows 7'.

Website export
* Improved: the font selection combo boxes inside the Website export dialog have been updated so that they now contain five basic groups of Websafe font families:
the monospace group: 'Courier new', 'Courier', monospace
the wide serif group: Georgia, Utopia, Palatino, 'Palatino Linotype', serif
the narrow serif group: 'Times New Roman', Times, serif
the wide sans-serif group: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif
the narrow sans-serif group: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
Please note that these font combo boxes are effective on plain text articles, the tree pane, the title pane and the navigate panel. You are not limited to the above list of font families since these font selection boxes also allow you to type in a font manually.
* Improved: the number of spaces inside a plain text article is now preserved during Website export. This means e.g. that when
your TreePad default article font is courier or another fixed-width font (see the options screen)
your Website-export default article font is monospace, courier or another fixed-width font (see the Website export screen)
you have aligned your text using spaces or created columns using spaces
text alignment and text columns are now preserved during Website export.
Please note that the number of spaces inside a formatted (RTF, non plain-text) article was already preserved during Website export in prior versions.


New features in version 7.7.3

July 25, 2011
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: the settings screen, category 'autodial', contains the following two new options:
  - Use the Windows telephony service
  - Use a VOIP program (such as skype).
* When the first (default) option is selected, phone hyperlinks will activate the Windows telephony service (as before).
* When the second option is selected, phone hyperlinks will go through Skype (or another VOIP program).

* Added: 'Menu: Table/Change/Table width'. This allows you to change the width of the current table without altering any of the other table properties.
* Moved: the table 'Borders and Shading' dialog has been moved to 'Menu: Table/Change/Borders and shading'.
* Bugfix: tables created or altered using the previous version could become larger than the width of the page. This won't happen anymore with the current release.

Language pack
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 3.2.


New features in version 7.7.2

July 11, 2011
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: a new 'Format image' dialog, accessible through: 'Menu: Format/Image'.
* When an image (wider than 440 pixels or so) is inserted into TreePad's article, it is often displayed smaller than its original. The 'Format image' dialog gives you precise control over how an image is displayed.
* Using the 'Format image' dialog it is also possible to display an image at exactly 100% of its original size which avoids resizing artefacts.
* In more detail, the 'Format image' dialog allows one to:
view the dimensions of the original image.
resize the dimensions of the displayed image by changing the width and height in pixels.
resize the dimensions of the displayed image by changing the width and height as a percentage of the original dimensions.
* While changing the dimensions inside the 'Format image' dialog, the ratio (between width and height) of the original image is preserved by default. However, if you clear the checkbox 'Preserve aspect ratio', you can change width and height independently. This effectively distorts the way the image is displayed.
* Please also note that images (as inserted into the article) are stored unaltered and in their original dimensions inside the database. Therefore displaying an image at 100% of its original size will always give the best results.

* Improved: the font-combobox in the formatting toolbar now also lists open-type fonts.
* Changed: the color selection combos in the options screen no longer display the set of system colors.

* Fixed: error message 'Cannot create image backup file' which could occur under certain conditions when saving .hjt files.
* Changed: the maximum recommended text size for a database has been raised to 35 Mb. When you open a database of which the text part exceeds 35 Mb a warning message will be displayed. Note: the maximum recommended amount of images still is 1 Gb for .tpd databases and 100 Mb for .hjt/.tpz databases.

* Changed: safety copy files now have the same file extension as regular TreePad files: the string _copyxxx is inserted before the file extension, where xxx is the number of the copy. The advantage is that you can now open safety copy files directly inside TreePad (without renaming the files first).
Example: instead of test1.hjt.bak, test1.hjt.bak002, the safety copy files are now called test1_copy001.hjt, test1_copy002.hjt, etc.
The safety copy feature can be found inside the settings screen, category: backup.

Keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed: the "Ctrl Alt L" shorcut key (for showing the color dialog) will now be properly disabled when disabling "Ctrl Alt" shortcuts in the options screen.

* Added: new category in options screen: Hyperlinks/Appearance
* Added: a new option: hyperlink color. This allows you to change the color of hyperlinks inside the article.

* Improved: Menu: Format/Convert (to uppercase, to lowercase, to title case, to sentence case, invert case) now also functions correctly with other Windows code pages (such as: Cyrillic, Baltic, Central/Eastern European, Greek, Turkish).
* Changed: "Menu: Format/Convert to sentence case" (for the article), now also sees 'line endings' as end markers for sentences.
* Improved: you can now enter multiple bullet-numbered lists into the article each with independent numbering.

* New: a short help document called 'Quick Start Guide' (it replaces the 'Basic manual').
* You can access the 'Quick Start Guide' in three ways:
(1) from inside TreePad using "Menu: Help/Quick Start Guide".
(2) using the program group for TreePad PLUS (in the Windows start menu).
(3) by double clicking on the file QuickStartGuide.html inside the program directory.

Manual: compatibility and portability
* Improved: TreePad PLUS no longer needs the manual to reside inside the program directory (when it finds the manual there it will still use it though). This change is necessary because Windows 7 and Vista by default do not allow users to copy files manually into 'program files' and its subdirectories.
* Added: a new 'Install manual' dialog. When you try to open the manual from inside TreePad PLUS and it cannot find the manual, this dialog will be activated. It assists you in downloading the manual and copying it to its new location (by default this is in 'Application data').
* Moved: Menu: Help/Manual has been moved to Menu: Help/Manual/Open.
* Moved: Menu: Help/Online manual has been moved to Menu: Help/Manual/Open online manual.
* Portability feature maintained: if you are able to copy the manual into the program directory, then TreePad PLUS will use it. The fact that TreePad PLUS still accesses the manual when it is found inside its program directory is especially useful for portability purposes. For instance, you can copy both the program and the manual into a directory on your USB stick.
* Added: Menu: Help/Manual/Update. This menu item is only available when the manual is installed outside the program directory. When you click on this menu item, a dialog will appear which is very similar to the 'Install manual' dialog described above. The 'Update manual' dialog assists you in downloading and installing a new version of the manual.
* Visibility of Menu: Help/Manual/Update. If the manual resides inside the TreePad PLUS program directory, then this menu item is not visible: TreePad expects you to manually copy the new version of the manual into its program directory.

* Moved: the popup article menu items 'Search article', 'Search tree', 'Search article next' have been moved to "Popup menu article: search".
* Bugfix: case insensitive Tree search now also functions correctly for other code pages (such as: Cyrillic, Baltic, Central/Eastern European, Greek, Turkish).

* Improved: the resolution of the default tab size is now two decimals instead of one. See the options screen, category "Article/tabs, indents".
* Improved: the case of the database file name is now preserved when "Automatically load the last opened file at startup" is enabled.

* Improved: the directory selection dialogs used by the following functions
Insert Catalog to files
Import documents into tree (recursively)
Import IE bookmarks into tree
Export Subtree to multiple files
Export selected icons
Export to Website
have been updated to more modern versions.

Language packs: compatibility and portability
* Improved: a TreePad language pack can now reside inside the windows application data directory or the TreePad PLUS program directory. This change is necessary because Windows 7 and Vista by default do not allow users to copy files manually into 'program files' and its subdirectories.
* Added: a new 'Install or update language pack' dialog which is accessible through 'Menu: View/Language/Install language pack'. This dialog assists you in downloading the language pack and copying it to its new location (the Windows 'Application data' directory).
* Portability feature maintained: if you are able to copy a language pack into the program directory, then TreePad PLUS will use it. The fact that TreePad PLUS still accesses language packs inside its program directory is especially useful for portability purposes. For instance, you can copy both the program and language packs into a directory on your USB stick.
* Compatibility: this version of TreePad Business Edition corresponds to Language pack version 3.1.

Website export
* Bugfix: relative file hyperlinks are now exported correctly to Website.

* Improved: while exporting the current article to RTF file, text highlighting (character background color) is now compatible with MS Word.


New features in version 7.6

February 06, 2010
Free upgrade to all registered users

* Added: the charactermap now also works when node editor is active. This means that you can insert special characters into the node title (using the character map) while you are editing it.
* Added: the menu items 'Format/Convert/To Uppercase', 'Format/Convert/To Lowercase', 'Format/Convert/To Sentence case', 'Format/Convert/To Title case' and 'Format/Convert/Invert case' can now be applied to the title of the current tree node as well (when the tree has focus but not while you are editing a node title).
* Bugfix: the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl Alt Shift K" and "Ctrl Alt Shift J" (insert a node from article selection) are functional again when the article has focus.

* Added: a new XML template called 'Book collection'. You can use it through "Menu: Tree/Insert special" or "Menu: File/New/Other...".

* Bugfix: hyperlinks to .htmhjt TreePad files would always open a new TreePad instance, regardless of what was specified in the settings screen. This is now fixed. Hyperlinks to .htmhjt files now behave in exactly the same way as links to .hjt and .tpd TreePad files.

* Improved: the case-conversion options in 'Menu: Format/Convert' now also work on characters inside the upper half of the extended ascii character table (the Windows ISO-1252 character table). This includes letters such as 'a' with grave, 'a' with acute, 'c' with cedilla, the letter 'ae', etc.

* The settings file 'tpsettings.ini' has been renamed to tpbiz.ini to avoid interference with the manual.
* Note for upgrading users: if you have enabled the option 'store settings in an ini file', you need to rename the file 'tpsettings.ini' inside the program directory to 'tpbiz.ini' if you want to keep your original settings.

Website export
* Improved: nodes containing xml-forms are now also exported to Website (you now see the actual contents of the form in your Webbrowser without any xml codes).
* Bugfix: the title (text inside the title frame) of the exported Website (inside the Website export dialog) is no longer converted to lowercase when loading it from a Website template file, or when 'store settings in an ini file' is enabled (inside the TreePad settings screen).

* The icons for history-forward and history-back have been updated.
* The icons for tree navigation have been updated.


New features in version 7.5.1

January 08, 2009
Free upgrade for registered users

* Bugfix: the charactermap has been re-enabled.
* Bugfix: plain-text hyperlinks can be activated again through ctrl+H
* Bugfix: cut/ctrl+X on a selected image in a readonly article has been disabled.

* Bugfix: cut/ctrl+X in the draftpad has been re-enabled.

* Bugfix: the selected skin will be saved again between sessions.


New features in version 7.5

December 22, 2008
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: a 'readonly' toolbar button to article edit toolbar. You can use this button to protect the contents of an article against accidental editing. If an article is readonly you cannot directly edit it, unless you change it back to 'writable' first.
* Added: if the current article is protected, then the readonly toolbar button displays in red. Otherwise it displays in gray.

* Updated: one cannot directly delete a subtree containing readonly articles. If you want to delete a subtree containing readonly/protected articles, you need to convert these articles to 'writable' first.

Node properties screen
* Added: a checkbox 'article is readonly' to the 'general' page.
* Added: a new page named 'Readonly articles', containing two buttons: one to convert all subtree articles to 'readonly', the other to convert all subtree articles back to 'writable'.

Multi-monitor support
* Added: a button to the 'View' toolbar which enables one to send TreePad to a different monitor. Up to eight monitors are supported. This feature only works when you have two or more monitors connected to your computer, and Windows needs to have the option 'Extend my Windows destkop onto this monitor' enabled for the additional monitors in the control panel.

* Added: automatic uninstaller icon to the TreePad program group (only visible after using install.exe)
* Added: an entry inside the Windows control panel (category 'add remove programs') which can activate the automatic TreePad uninstaller. Please note that this control panel entry is only visible after previously having used install.exe to install TreePad Business Edition.

* Changed: skin 'Purple' has been renamed to 'Purple 1'.
* Added: a new skin called 'Purple 2'.
* Improved: the looks of the skins 'Purple 1', 'Blue Sky', 'Blue metallic' and 'Green'.

Keyboard shortcuts
* Added: Ctrl+Alt+L shows the font color dialog.
* Added: Ctrl+F7, when the article has focus, the article statistics screen is shown.

* Improved: both the installer and the program itself should now be compatible with all available DEP settings in Windows Vista and Windows XP (DEP = Data Execution Prevention and can be found in the Windows control panel).

* Added: the first time you start TreePad Business Edition it asks you to read and officially accept the EULA or 'end user license'.

* Fixed: access violation when TreePad closes on Windows shutdown.
* Several bugfixes related to the 'Insert hyperlink' screen.
* Several bugfixes in the 'Insert hyperlink to new node' dialog.
* Various other smaller bugfixes and improvements.

Obsolete features
* Removed: advanced mode, basic mode, viewer mode. TreePad Business Edition now exclusively runs in advanced mode.


New features in version 7.4

November 16, 2007
Free upgrade for registered users

Format menu
* Added: Menu: Format/Convert/Invert case

Website export
* Added: new options for the title frame. On can set the title to: (1) the caption of the most fundamental node (in the exported Website), (2) the title in the metatags section, (3) a custom text See: the category 'title' in the Website export screen.
* Added: an option to set the meta-title to (1) the title of the first exported node (root node of exported Website) or (2) a custom text.
* Bugfix: node hyperlinks inserted into .hjt files using older Treepad edition are now exported correctly to website as well.
* Bugfix: file hyperlinks are now exported including forward slashes (instead of backslashes).
* Added: one can now customize the texts of each navigate link ('Previous', 'Next', 'Up', etc.) in the navigate panel. New category: Navigate panel/Custom texts.

* Bugfix: the article background color was not always stored correctly

* The manual is no longer included in the download package, it can be downloaded from:
To install the manual, just download the file tpp_manual.exe and copy it into the program's directory. After this it can be opened (from inside TreePad) by clicking Menu: Help/Manual. The manual runs by itself, it has its own built-in viewer. You can also start it by double clicking on the file tpp_manual.exe.
* Added: Menu: Help/Online manual. This opens the online edition of the manual, which resides on inside your default Webbrowser.

Portability and Registration
* Added: one can now load/save registration number to/from a text file (just right-click on the textarea in the registration screen).
* Added: when running the program from a USB drive on a non-registered computer, the program still shows the registration screen, but now the registration screen is pre-loaded with your registration number (from the text file "tpreg.txt" which is created after entering your registration number once).
In other words, when running the program from USB drive on an unregistered computer you will no longer have to (1) open a file containing the registration number in a separate program, (2) select it, and (3) copy/paste it into the registration screen. All that is now done automatically.
* Improved: new registration reminder screen.

Language packs
* Improved: various screens, texts and buttons have been widened to accomodate for the - often - larger size of translated words and phrases.


New features in version 7.3.5

October 22, 2006
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: context menu for icons pane

* Expanded: "Menu: Insert/Links to/Selected items in accessory pane" can now insert multiple links when multiple items are selected in the accessory pane

* Added: one can now select multiple items in the search results pane

* Added: one can now select multiple items in the history pane

Bookmarks pane
* Added: Menu: Bookmarks/Activate bookmark
* Added: context menu for bookmarks pane


New features in version 7.3.3

October 08, 2006
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: One can now copy the text-formatting of a tree node. (Menu: Tree/Copy/Formatting node or Tree context menu: Copy/Node formatting)
* Added: To apply the text-formatting (just copied) to another node, click Menu: Tree/Paste/Formatting/Into node (or Tree context menu: Paste/Formatting/Into node)
* Added: To apply the text-formatting (just copied) to an entire subtree, click Menu: Tree/Paste/Formatting/Into subtree (or Tree context menu: Paste/Formatting/Into subtree)
* Added: a new function to copy the node path to the Windows clipboard. Menu: Tree/Copy/Node path (or Tree context menu: Copy/Node path)

* Bugfix: error message when adding icon to icon library: 'Internal error: TreePad Library 01"

* Bugfix: the article background color was not always stored correctly

* Improved: subtree-export to single RTF file now includes fields
* Improved: article export to RTF file now includes fields

* Improved: TreePad Business Edition is now compatible with Windows Vista.


New features in version 7.3.1

September 16, 2006
Free upgrade for registered users

Settings screen
* Added: a new category TreePad/Settings in which one can choose to store settings in the Windows registry (default) or in an .ini file.
* Added: if the 'ini file' option is enabled, a secondary option is shown, to remove information from the registry. If this last option is enabled, then each time TreePad stores its settings in the ini file, it also looks at the registry and if neccessary settings will be removed from the registry.
* Added: when TreePad detects that an ini file is present it will ignore the registry and load/store settings exclusively from/to the ini file.

Website export
* Improved: totally renewed Website export with faster dynamic/Javascript tree pane.
* Improved: much nicer looking static tree pane.
* Added: an option to export to dynamic and to static tree simultaneously (the files index.html and index2.html)
* Added: when you export to dynamic+static tree, and the visitor's browser has Javascript disabled and opens the dynamic tree, he/she can click on a link which opens the static tree instead.
* Moved: the dynamic tree option (in the Website-export screen) has been moved to general tree options tab.
* Changed: the quick preview function (of a single article/node) now generates all panes (and not only the article pane).

* Added, Menu: Table/Sort (rows, columns ascending or descending)
* Added, Menu: Table/Move (rows up/down, columns left/right)

* Added: one can set the first day of the week to monday (default) or sunday. See the options screen, category: treepad/date and time. This setting affects the functions:
- menu:insert/agenda, calendar or to-do list
- menu:tree/insert/agenda or calendar

* Improved: after opening a .tpd file, the file date of the .tpd file is no longer affected. Only after saving the file (or inserting images/icons) will the file date of the .tpd file be updated accordingly.

* Improved export of subtree to single HTML file


New features in version 7.2

August 23, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

Website export
* Added: one can now include meta tags (description, keywords and title) inside the generated Website. Please see the category 'metatags' in the Website export dialog.
* Added: the state of the Website export screen can be saved to an external template (.ini) file. Category: 'template'.
* Added: one can also load settings from an external template (.ini) file into the Website export screen. Category: 'template'.
* Added: the category 'miscellaneous' contains a field showing the current Website export directory.
* Added: one can choose (1) to show (in the exported Website) the images in their 'true' size (according to dimensions of the image itself, i.e. no HTML img resizing), or (2) in a size comparable to what is shown in TreePad's article (HTML img resizing). The latter is the default. Please see the category 'article/page'.
* Added: it is now possible to link to any article inside the TreePad-generated Website from outside. More information can be found here  (in fact, this link demonstrates this very same principle).
* Improved: the dynamic tree-pane is now also compatible with the more recent versions (7 and up) of the Opera Webbrowser

Tree node icons
* Bugfix: some tree node icons did not retain their colors correctly. This is fixed in the current release for icons which are newly applied to a tree node.


New features in version 7.1.7

March 20, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

Improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix: password could be cleared upon file-save in version 7.1.6. This has been fixed with the release of version 7.1.7.


New features in version 7.1.6

March 18, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

Website export
* Added: an option to create (or not create) a numbered file for each exported article. Enable this option when you want your Website to be compatible with TreePad 6.x generated Websites regarding links (from outside the generated Website) directly pointing to articles (inside the generated Website). See the Website export screen, category 'Miscellaneous'.

Improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix for error message "Unsupported encryption type: 0"
* Bugfix: when printing a subtree through the default Webbrowser, images are now printed again.


New features in version 7.1.5

March 12, 2005
Free upgrade for registered users

* Added: image hyperlinks are now supported. This means that images can contain hyperlinks (to nodes, www, ftp, file, etc.). To create or edit a hyperlink associated with an image, just click on the image, then click menu/edit/hyperlink or menu/insert/hyperlink.

* Added: Website export now includes image hyperlinks
* Added: subtree export to single html file now includes image hyperlinks

Improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix: table-cell shading is now correctly displayed.


New features in version 7.1.4

December 10, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

Export and import
* Added: menu/file/export/TreePad conversion utilities

* Added: menu/view/language/language pack version. This shows the version number of the currently installed active language pack. If a newer version of the language pack is available, you can download it from

* Added: Internet search. This function is accessible via menu/search/search the Internet (in advanced mode). Available are: standard search, advanced search, search the Web, search discussion groups (usenet), search news and online newspapers, search for images, lookup words in an online dictionary and lookup words in an online thesaurus.

Improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix: the shortcut keys ctrl-alt-F, ctrl-alt-K, ctrl-alt-S are now also freed for multi-lingual use when ctrl-alt shortcuts are disabled (corresponding to altgr on many keyboards) in the options screen (menu/view/options, category 'shortcut keys').
* Bugfix: menu/icons/save current icon library as...


New features in version 7.1.2

October 23, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

Website export
* Added: menu/html/quick preview/node, which only exports the current node to Website. Useful when you want only to see the current node, without having to wait for the full Website export to complete.

Miscellaneous improvements and bugfixes
* Bugfix: shortcut ctrl-D now functions again to collapse the subtree (all levels)
* Improved: ctrl-alt-V (paste node name from article selection) now also functions when the tree does not have focus
* Bugfix: on a small number of systems the error message 'Protection error number 89' occured on program startup. This now is fixed
* Function temporarily removed: the database repair/optmize function is no longer available for .tpz files (.hjt databases) due to a problem related to the third-party libarary routines for repairing zip files. Note: nothing changes for .tpd files, this function remains available for .tpd databases.


New features in version 7.1

October 18, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

New database format
* TreePad PLUS/SAFE/BIZ/Viewer versions 7.x support a new and improved type of database format.
* The corresponding file-name extension for the new database format is '.tpd' which stands for 'TreePad Database'.
* The new database format can store all images, tree-nodes, articles and icons inside a file single file.
* The .tpd database format offers improved speed during image storage and retrieval, especially with larger databases containing many images, or large images.
* The new .tpd database format offers improved reliability when storing images and icons.

Recycle bin
* Added: recycle bin (menu/tools/recycler, and the recycler button on the file toolbar)
* Unused images and icons are shown in the recycle bin. To permanently delete one or more images/icons, select them, and click the button 'wipe selected'.
* Images and icons which are unused, can be salvaged through the export function ('export selected').
* The recycle bin is available for .tpd as well as .hjt databases
* The recycle bin provides one additional step in the deletion of images and icons from the database, adding an additional measure of security.

* Added: one can now insert an agenda or calendar into the article, by clicking menu/insert/agenda, calendar or todo-list.
* Added: insert todo-list into the article. Menu/insert/agenda, calendar or todo-list.
* Added: insert agenda or calendar into the tree (with nodes corresponding to days, weeks or months). Menu/tree/insert/Agenda or Calendar.

* Added: one can now switch between ten skins to adjust the appearance of TreePad's toolbars. Menu/view/skin or toolbar popup-menu/skin.
The following skins are available: classic, silver 1, silver 2, blue sky, blue metallic, chrome, aluminium, vanilla, purple and green. The 'classic' skin corresponds to how the program looked during the last few years.

* For databases for which the total size of all texts (node titles and articles) is larger than 20 Mb, a warning message is shown that the database exceeds the maximum recommended size. The message is shown only after the first file-save action (during a file-session). In other words, consecutive file-save actions will not show this message anymore, until the file is loaded again, or a new file is loaded which also is larger than 20 Mb.
* Added: menu/tools/optimize database, which can reduce the size of a database by removing unused space. This function can also repair a database in case it is damaged.
* The repair/optmize function is now also available for .tpz files.
* Added: auto-repair for encrypted .hjt files. If your encrypted/password-protected .hjt file gets damaged by whatever factor (bad disk sectors, corrupt zip files, computer crashes), in most cases, version 7.x will still read and display the non-damaged parts of your data file.
* Added: improved filtering of non-text characters (such as EOF or h00) when reading a .hjt database or articles/nodes from a .tpd database. Should a non-valid text character occur in one of your articles or nodes, it will now be removed from the data stream before the database is loaded into memory.
* The speed and reliability of .hjt/.tpz databases has improved.
* .htmhjt databases now also can contain images and icons.

"New file" menu
* Changed: menu/file/new has been restructured. Now with menu/file/new/TreePad database one creates a new .tpd database. The file template menus have been moved to the new 'Create new TreePad database' dialog.
* Added: menu/file/new/other will show the dialog 'Create new TreePad database', which facilitates the creation of a new .tpd, .hjt or .htmhjt database, as well as the creation of template-based databases.

* Added: TreePad now can automatically create multiple (numbered) safety copies (.bak files) after each file/save (optional). A safety copy is a copy of the current file, which is placed before each file save in the same directory as the current file. The first safety-copy has extension .bak, as usual. The next safety copies have extensions .bak002, .bak003, etc. You can now specify how many safety copies are created before the oldest copy is overwritten.

* Improved: subtree statistics now also shows a list displaying the number of nodes for each level of the subtree.
* added to node properties screen, when the tab 'stamp' is active: a "copy node GUID" button, which copies the GUID of the node to the clipboard.
* Improved: during copy/paste of subtrees, hyperlinks to nodes inside the copy/pasted subtrees are now preserved .

* The speed of the tree-search has been improved for databases containing many images or large images.

Conversion to/from .hjt files
* To convert an existing .hjt/.tpz TreePad database to the new .tpd file format, use menu/file/saveas, and select 'TreePad 7.x database'.
* To convert a .tpd TreePad database to the old .hjt file format, use menu/file/save as, and select 'TreePad 6.x file'.

* Improved: the process of inserting and deleting icons in the icons pane can now be cancelled.
* Improved: ordering the icons in the icons pane through drag-drop has been improved, made faster and more reliable.
* Added: you can now also save the current icon library under a different file name, through menu/icons/save current library as.

* You can open your existing .hjt/.tpz files as usual through menu/file/open
* You can save your existing .hjt/tpz files as usual through menu/file/save and menu/file/save as.

* Added: an option to disable ctrl-alt shortcuts (corresponding to altgr on many keyboards). This will free up all altgr keys for inserting special characters into the article and tree. Please see menu/view/options, category 'shortcut keys'.

Import and export
* Export of subtree to single HTML file now preserves hyperlinks to nodes/articles.
* Hyperlinks to nodes inside the imported TreePad files (imported as subtrees) are now preserved .

* New in version 7.1 The manual has been restructured, and updated to include the features from the 7.1 release.

Website export
* Changed: when exporting from .tpd file to Website, the file names of the articles now are not numbered anymore (such as "21.html"). Each exported article now has a file name of 45 characters long (for example "10B24DD90C24475EE91B947631BC4EC0CA552251.html").
* Added: Website export from .tpd files now also includes numbered HTML files which are very small. These files correspond with the numbered article HTML article files created by version 6.x. Each numbered HTML file redirects to the real article document with the 45-character file name. This prevents links from outside to numbered article documents (originally created by version 6.x) to become broken when updating the Website with version 7.x.
* Added: a file 'index2.html' is created, which contains a static version of the tree (index.html contains the dynamic version), but only when the dynamic tree export enabled.
* The default export directory for tree icons no longer is 'icons', but now is 'tpicons' to avoid potential conflicts with Apache Webservers when a TreePad-generated Website is placed in the root of the domain/Website which is hosted by the Apache Webserver.
* The export directory for tree icons can be altered in the Website export screen, category 'tree'.


New features in version 6.6.4

February 16, 2004
Free upgrade for registered users

Export to Website
* Added: improved lay-out of exported Website. Articles can be displayed as page-sheets inside the article frame.
* Added: option 'show page' to the Website export dialog (category article/page). If enabled, a page sheet is shown. If disabled, the article text is shown directly in the article frame without a page sheet.
* Added: one can specify page-width in px or percentages, outer margins, inner margins (padding), page color, page border color, page border width, page background color, page background image (separately from the article-frame settings).
* Added: a page can be centered in the article frame (as an alternative to specifying left and right outer margins).
* Added: one can adjust the border color of the navigate panel
* Added: inclusion HTML page headers and footers
* New online example illustrating TreePad's new Web-generation capabilities:
* Added: links to article-anchors inside other articles are now preserved during export to Website

* Added: subtree export to single RTF file can now include a page break after each article (optional)
* Improved: export of subtrees to single RTF file (when containing images) has been speeded up considerably
* Added: progress-bar display for export to single HTML, RTF, HJT and text file of subtree
* Added: export to single RTF, HTML, HJT and TXT file can now be cancelled by user

Multi-language support
* Added: menu/view/language enabling you to run TreePad in your own language. After installing a 'TreePad Language Pack', TreePad's menus, buttons, texts, messages will appear in that language. You can switch to another language (or back to English) while TreePad runs through menu/view/language.
* Added: a new page to, where you can download TreePad language packs.
* Currently available: Dutch. We are working on: German, Portuguese, French, Spanish.

* Added: subtree print (through the default RTF program) can include a page break after each article (optional)
* Improved: the printing speed of subtrees when containing images has been improved considerably (when printing through an external RTF program) .
* Added: progress-bar display when printing a subtree through the Webbrowser
* Added: printing of subtree through Webbrowser or external RTF program can now be cancelled by user

* Added: menu/tree/expand/custom (shift+ctrl+G), which allows to expand the selected subtree up to a certain user-specified level.
* Added to subtree statistics dialog (menu/tree/statistics): the full path of the current node
* Added: menu/tree/checked, shortcut ctrl+alt+K, and popup tree/checked to quickly change the 'checked' state a node checkmark. Note: the 'checked' menu options are only visible if the checkmark of the selected node is set to be visible in the tree pane (this can be done through the node properties dialog).

* Added: menu/icons/Search-replace. Replaces all occurences of one icon (of all nodes in a subtree) with another icon

* Added to article statistics dialog (menu/edit/article statistics): the full path of the current article (node)
* Added: a new topic in the manual on entering the Euro symbol

* Added: auto-URL detection for pasting hyperlinks, and for typing http hyperlinks (disabled by default, can be turned on in the options screen)
* Added: 'confirm execution of command hyperlinks' (options screen, category 'Hyperlinks').
* Added: it is now also possible to link to anchors inside external TreePad files (see Inserting a hyperlink to an external anchor)

* Improved: all the files in the favorites-list are now also included in the startup file-selection box (in addition to the list of most recent files).

* Added: 'show full node path in status bar' (options screen, category 'TreePad').

Keyboard shortcuts
* Added: quick formatting keyboard-shortcuts can be disabled - using the 'Configure Quick Formatting' screen
* Added, shortcut for inserting the title of the current node into the article: Shift+Ctrl+W


New features in version 6.5.2

November 05, 2003
Free upgrade for registered users

Article and draftpad
* New table properties dialog. When the cursor is inside a table, menu/table/table properties will show the table properties dialog. It allows changing the color, borders, alignment, etc. of existing tables.
* Improved: the Table create dialog remembers table width, number of columns and number of rows.
* Added: menu/format/quick format/add current format to add the format of the article text (in which the cursor resides) to the list of quick formattings.
* Added: new line-spacing tab to the quick formatting dialog
* Added: new paragraph-indentation tab to the quick formatting dialog
* Added: when created using a template node, a new article will take over the background color of template article
* Fix: sticky scrollbar problem fixed

* Added: one can now insert anchors (markers) into the article, menu/insert/anchor (advanced mode).
* Added: anchors can be shown or hidden (article display options, menu/view/options)
* Added: links to anchors within the same article. Menu/insert/hyperlink, choose 'link type' anchor.
* Added: links to anchors in another article. Menu/insert/hyperlink, choose 'link type' node, then select the anchor in the anchor combo (only visible if target article contains anchors).
* Added: menu/navigate/goto anchor to move the cursor to the anchor and scroll the article if necessary
* Added: new powerful hyperlink type 'command' for executing Windows commands with command-line parameters (you can even start and stop Windows NT/2000/XP services with it).

* Added: menu/tree/insert/duplicate which inserts an exact copy of the current node as sibling into the tree

* Improved: progress bar now also displays progress-percentage

* Added: new screen mode option use double buffer. When enabled, this option reduces screen flicker if necessary.


New features in version 6.4.1

October 08, 2003
Free upgrade for registered users

Export to Website
* New: much improved Website export screen with many new powerful functions
* Added: web export is now accesible through a separate menu item, menu/file/export/subtree to Website
* Improved: exported tree icons are now transparent
* Added: tabs are exported to spaces
* Added: the file date of the exported file is the same as the 'date of last change' of the node
* Added: export checked and unchecked items
* Added: website navigation panel
* Added: if article is loaded without parent frame in a Web browser, clicking on the 'first' navigation panel link will reload the site in its frame
* Added: export of background color of individual articles to HTML (optional)
* Added: button which opens the website promotion page
* Added: menu/help/promote/your Website which also opens the website promotion page
* Added: resizable HTML pane in dynamic tree (biz only)
* Added: background images are automatically copied to export directory
* Added: 'made with TreePad seal' for optional inclusion in exported Website
* Added: specify font-size for tree, article, title-frame, etc. in points
* Added: color dialogs for specifying colors

* Added: export article and subtree to RTF now includes the highlight/background font color
* Improved: export article and subtree to RTF now includes images embedded into file (instead of externally referenced images)
* Added: export subtree to XML, including a choice of articles as plain text, html, or RTF (including images embedded into the RTF data)
* Added: select custom file extensions for import multiple documents recursively into tree
* Bugfix: fonts and colors are now correctly exported to single RTF file (from subtree)

* Improved: TreePad now starts faster
* Bugfix: global system-wide activation shortcut is now remembered after full screen

Registration and upgrading
* Added: menu/help/Upgrade - Check for new versions, (registered mode only) which enables you to check for the latest versions, downloads and updates.

* Improved: brand new tree-search screen
* Added: boolean search (equivalent to and, not, or)
* Added: regular expression search
* Added: online regular expression reference and tutorial page (accessible through the search screen)
* Added: case sensitive search
* Added: sort search results + sort reverse by clicking on search results column headers
* Added: progressbar in tree search dialog

* Added: enable/disable confirmation dialogs for most actions (this excludes confirmation dialogs for tree-node delete, and import directory recursively)
* Added: specify default line width in options screen for menu/insert/horizontal line
* Added: show/hide path of favourites
* Added: the click area of a node can now be extended beyond node title to the width of the tree
* Added: shortcuts 'esc' and 'enter' as 'Cancel' and 'OK' for options screen

Hyperlinks and auto-dial
* Added: one can dial a phone number which is not part of a hyperlink (select, then ctrl-H)
* Added: hyperlink to node in external TreePad file: in the hyperlink edit/insert screen add a question mark, then the ID of the target node
* Added: file hyperlinks context menu with the shell file-functions: open, edit, open with, properties, print, explore
* Improved: double click on a node in the hyperlink node-select screen = close with 'OK'
* Improved: the size of the node-select screen is remembered
* Added: alt-u functions to toggle 'custom link text' in hyperlink edit/insert screen
* Added: menu/insert/link(s) to/new node, which creates a new node plus a hyperlink to the new node
* Added: menu/insert/link(s) to/previous node, which creates a hyperlink to the node you previously visited

Article and DraftPad
* Added: menu/format/Quick Format, a list of user-definable quick formattings which can be applied to a selected block of text in the article or draftpad
* Added: menu/format/QuickFormat/Configure, to manage your own quick formatting styles (change, add, remove, order, sort)
* Added: shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+1, 2...9 to apply a Quick Formatting Style to the selected text
* Added: menu/format/article properties
* Added: one can now set the background color of individual articles through the article properties screen
* Added: menu/format/convert soft returns into hard returns now also available in TreePad PLUS and SAFE as well
* Improved: format/remove spaces and returns now also removes soft returns
* Added: menu/edit/transfer to transfer the selected article-text to a new child node or a new sibling node
* Added: article ctrl-up and ctrl-down scrolls the article up or down
* Improved: The article selection is now kept after clicking 'Apply' or 'OK' in the options screen
* Bugfix: Page settings (page size, margins) are now correctly displayed after opening a new article
* Added: menu/edit/statistics now also available for a selected block of text
* Added menu/edit/statistics for draftpad when draftpad has focus
* Improved: new 'create table' dialog with many new options (border color, border width, etc.)
* Improved: image deletion logic
* Added: article line numbers, optional (menu/view/options)
* Added: vertical article ruler, optional (menu/view/options)
* Improved: creating nested lists of bullets (outlines) has been improved
* Added: format painter and marker buttons (on format toolbar) now blink when activated

* Improved: pasted bitmaps and pasted bitmap screenshots display much better

* Changed: the default icon library is not loaded at startup anymore, but is loaded the first time you click on the 'icons' tab
* Added: the icon of the selected node now is displayed in the article button

Accessory pane
* Added: menu/navigate/clear history
* Improved: history back/forward logic
* Added: select and delete multiple bookmarks in one go
* Added: progress bar when loading an icon library
* Added: export selected icons from icons pane to files (menu/icons/export)

Node properties
* Added: to 'node properties' screen: new node properties tab 'stamp'
* Added: fields for 'date-time changed' and 'user changed'
* Added: fields for 'date-time created' and 'user created'
* Changed: field 'node ID' moved from tab 'general' to tab 'stamp'

* Added: button which opens the eBooks promotion page
* Added: menu/help/promote/your TreePad eBook, which also opens the eBooks promotion page


New features in earlier versions

For new features in earlier versions of TreePad Business Edition,
please see here



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