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* Introduction
* How to enter your registration number
* Troubleshooting



This page presents you with a step-by-step instruction on how to obtain your registration number and enter it into your program.
The example screen shots on this page are taken from TreePad PLUS. The other TreePad versions and Custom Addressbook will present you with virtually the same steps and screens.

If your problem is not solved by consulting this page, please contact us here.


How to enter your registration number


To register your program, first start it. If the evaluation period has expired, you will see the small screen which is shown directly below:

Otherwise, when you still have a number of days left in your trial period, you will see this screen:


Step 2

After clicking on the button 'OK' or the button 'Register' in the one of the screens above, the screen below (with title 'Register') will appear:

If you already have a registration number, skip this step by pressing the button 'continue' and go to step 3 below.

If you do not have a registration number, first you need to purchase a licence online (on the Internet).
If you are not online, before proceeding, please connect your computer to the Internet.

After you are connected, please click on the link in the screen above (the link is the blue line of text which is underlined and starts with 'http://') and your Web browser will be started. In your Web browser, the registration page will be opened.

Just follow the instructions on your Web Browser's screen as presented to you in the registration page.


Step 3

When you have a registration number, because we have emailed it to you (as a response to your actions above), or because you already possess it and are reinstalling the program, please click on the button 'continue' in the screen 'register' above (if you have not done so already).

After this, the screen shown below (called 'Registration data') will appear.


Step 4

In your email program, open the mail you received from us containing the registration number, select all eight lines of the registration number (as shown directly below), and click menu/edit/copy in your email program:


Step 5

In the screen 'registration data' (above, as shown in step 3), click on the 'paste' button. All eight lines of the registration number should appear in the white edit field, as shown below. Then click on the 'OK' button. When the registration number is accepted, you will see the message 'Registration successful' as shown below.


This concludes the registration process.



If you registration number is not accepted by TreePad, after performing the steps above, there can be several causes:


Cause 1

Your registration number has been generated for a different TreePad program than the one you are currently running.
Using menu/help/about you can check whether you have the right TreePad program. Then check your registration number for the occurrence of a line starting with 'code='

The line 'code=' indicates for which TreePad program it has been generated:
'code=TPP': TreePad PLUS
'code=TPB': TreePad Business Edition
'code=TPS': TreePad SAFE
'code=TPX1: TreePad X Enterprise (12 Gb, single user)
'code=TPX2: TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single user)

So, for example, if it contains the line 'code=TPB', while you try to enter it into TreePad PLUS, the registration number will not be accepted.
Solution: download and install the right TreePad program.


Cause 2

You might not have used the recommended copy/paste method to enter your registration number, but you have manually typed it at some stage. Manual typing is bound to create problems, some characters look very much alike, and a typing error is easily made. Look for instance at these different characters who appear as very similar in most fonts:

'l'=first letter of 'law'
'I'=first letter of 'Internet'

Solution: use copy/paste to enter your registration number into TreePad.


Cause 3

You have an old TreePad PLUS 3.x/4.x/5.x registration number, which consists of only one line of numbers and letters, we can send you an updated registration number at a small fee to cover administrative costs. To receive the updated registration number, please go to the "Request a re-send of registration number" page and follow the steps indicated for users who purchased TreePad more than two months ago.


Cause 4

Your email program has changed your registration number. On occasion this can happen. Sometimes an email program changes the character coding of the registration number resulting in TreePad rejecting the information. A solution which usually works is: copy/paste the registration number from your email program into NotePad, then from Notepad into the TreePad registration screen.


Additional assistance

If your problem is not solved by consulting this page, please contact us here.

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