Download, installation and upgrade instructions
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TreePad download, installation and upgrade instructions.
If your problem is not solved by reading this page, please contact us here.

Note: the example screen shots below are taken from the TreePad PLUS installation process. The other TreePad editions and Custom Addressbook follow the same steps.


Step 1: Unzipping TreePad
After you have downloaded the TreePad version of your choice, you need to unzip it to your harddisk.
Start your favorite zip program and uncompress the zip file that you downloaded. If you don't have a ZIP program, or don't know what a ZIP program is, please see directly below.

What is a zip file?
A ZIP file is a 'package' used for distribution of software. A ZIP file can contain one or more files which are part of the program you download. If you need a program to unzip the downloaded file, you can get Freebyte ZIP for free.


Step 2: Start the install program.
First open the folder where you unzipped the files, then double click on the file called install.exe, as shown inside the red circle in the screen shot below:


Step 3A:   When you install TreePad for the first time:
just follow the steps that the install program presents to you by pressing the next button. Please see the screen shots below, which show the TreePad PLUS installation program in action:

Step 3B:   When you upgrade from a previous version:.
Be sure TreePad is not running. Then follow the steps the install program presents to you; choose the same directory and program group as during the last install.



Step 4: The final installation step.
The final step in the installation process presents you with the finish button. After pressing this button, the program closes and the installation process is completed.


Step 5: Running TreePad.
Click the Windows start button, then choose 'Programs', or 'All Programs', and click the program group in which you installed TreePad. Finally, click the program's icon inside the TreePad program group. Below is a screenshot of the Windows start menu, when starting TreePad PLUS. The process of starting other programs is similar.

If your problem is not solved by reading this page, please contact us here.

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