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TreePad is an intuitive and versatile organizer which also can be used for the creation of Photo Albums. To create a TreePad photo album, just insert your images into a TreePad database and your Photo Album is ready! You can even publish your photo album as an online Website at the click of a button, or distribute your Photo Album as eBook to your friends, family and business relations using the freeware TreePad Viewer program.

Image types
TreePad supports all currently popular image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, WMF, EMF, ICO.
When you export your photo album to Website, images are automatically converted to the Internet image formats GIF, JPEG and PNG.

Some ideas
You can use TreePad to create photo albums of your family, friends, trips, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, favorite buildings, nature, etc.

Which TreePad Versions can I use?
These editions allow you to create photo albums:
TreePad Business Edition (with dynamic tree)
TreePad SAFE (with static tree)
TreePad PLUS (with static tree)


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Examples of Photo Albums
created with TreePad

Bird Photo Gallery
Photo album created with TreePad Business Edition: online photo album with images of some of the more common birds in Kenya by Paulo van Breugel.

Beautiful Amsterdam Photo Album
Lovely sceneries and splendid views of Amsterdam: gorgeous canals and bridges, elegant buildings, shipping and warehouses, historic maps and more. View online in your Web browser or download and share it for free .

(1) Online version. Just click on this link and the album will open in your Web browser.
(2) Downloadable version (.zip file).
Please note that to access the downloadable version of the album, you need the freeware reader program TreePad Viewer.
You can download TreePad Viewer for free here.

Photo Album created using
TreePad Business Edition.

A screenshot of the first page of the Amsterdam Photo Album opened in TreePad Viewer is shown directly below:


Najade en Gentle Breeze
Website of the singing groups "Gentle Breeze" and "Najade" (site is in Dutch).

Line's Wonderland
Fun foto album in a girl's website (online viewing): images of nature, animals, clouds, flowers, owls, frogs, etc.


More examples
* TreePad-generated Websites
* TreePad-generated eBooks

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