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This page discusses the various options for sharing one or more TreePad databases among multiple users over a network:

(1) Readonly multi-user access using TreePad Viewer

(2) Readonly multi-user access using exe-eBooks

(3) Readonly multi-user access through TreePad-generated Websites

(4) Full multi-user access with TreePad X Enterprise Server (full access means: the possibility for each user to read, write, search, insert and delete information)

(5) Limited read/write multi-user access through the iTreePad Perl script


(1) Shared readonly access
through TreePad Viewer

TreePad .tpd and .hjt databases can be accessed by multiple users on a network through TreePad Viewer (freeware). Each user on the network can have TreePad Viewer installed allowing shared readonly access to TreePad databases.

How to share a TreePad database on your corporate network
After you have created/modified the database with TreePad PLUS, SAFE or Business Edition, you need copy this database to a shared folder on a network drive. Thus the TreePad database can be accessed "readonly" by the other users on your network through the freeware reader program TreePad Viewer, which can be found here.
If you have TreePad X Enterprise (single-user), then just export one or more subtress to .tpd format which can be opened directly with TreePad Viewer.

TreePad database type How to use TreePad Viewer
.hjt file Your .hjt files can be opened directly with TreePad Viewer.
.tpd file Your .tpd files can be opened directly with TreePad Viewer.
TreePad X Enterprise
(1) In TreePad X Enterprise, first select the subtree you want to export.
(2) Then click on Menu: Database/Export/Subtree to export your information to .tpd file format.
(3) The resulting .tpd file can be opened in TreePad Viewer.

Please note that the regular (i.e. single-user) TreePad editions do not directly allow full read/write access to a shared TreePad database except for the multi-user edition which is described below. Also, any database or file, while being open in a single-user TreePad edition can not be opened in TreePad Viewer directly (because the single-user edition locks the file). This means, that to publish your TreePad database on a network for shared access, you need to create a separate public copy of each TreePad database accessible by others on your network. This public copy can be accessed only in readonly mode through TreePad Viewer by others.
Then when you need to make a change to the database, you need to open the private (non-shared) copy of your database. After you have finished editing the private version of the database, publish your updated database by copying the private version over the public version.

More information: TreePad Viewer home
Download: TreePad Viewer download
License:   freeware
Platforms:  Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME.
Created by:


(2) Shared readonly access through TreePad exe-eBooks

You can convert a TreePad .hjt or .tpd file to an executable file (containing the viewer and the database) using exe-eBook creator, freeware.
When an exe-eBook is placed on a network drive, it can be opened by multiple users simultaneously, just like with TreePad Viewer as described above. An advantage of exe-eBooks is that the user does not need to have TreePad Viewer installed anymore. The freeware program exe-eBook Creator can convert TreePad files into executables.

Home page:
License:   freeware
Platforms:  Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x, ME.
Created by:


(3) Multi-user access through TreePad-generated Websites

Through TreePad Business Edition's Website export function (menu/file/export/subtree) one can create a set of HTML files containing the entire database, including images, icons, articles, nodes and hyperlinks which looks very similar to TreePad itself, and which can be accessed by multiple users through their Webbrowsers.

Websites created with TreePad X Enterprise (both the single and multi user editions) also include a website search engine (optional).

This generated Website consists of a set of HTML files, which includes a HTML navigation pane (expandable/collapsible Javascript tree), which can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously through their Webbrowser.

There are two ways in which you can make your TreePad-generated Website available for public/shared access:

(1) Copy the generated Website into a public folder on your network.
The TreePad-generated Website can be copied directly into a public folder on a network drive, so that it can be accessed directly using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc. without the need for an Intranet Webserver.

(2) Copy the generated Website into a folder on your Intranet or Internet Server.
The generated Website can be integrated with your existing Intranet or Internet by copying it into a folder on your Intranet or Internet server.

For more information on Website generation with TreePad, please see

(4) Full multi-user database access with TreePad X Enterprise Server.

TreePad X Enterprise Server is a powerful client/server, multi-user Organizer, Database, Word Processor, Documentation system, Intranet replacement system and Search Engine. Despite its versatility it is as easy to use as a standard Word Processor. The TreePad TeamWare concept enables all your employees to instantly publish and access documents, images, phone numbers, hyperlinks, etc. without any special training or technical skills. TreePad X Enterprise allows sharing of information through multi-user read/write access. Users can be restricted in what information they can see, and what information they are allowed to change or view 'readonly' - on the subtree level and also on the database level.

Open eight databases simultaneously
TreePad X Enterprise allows you to access up to eight databases simultaneously. You can access each opened database through the corresponding database-slot button on the left. To transfer subtrees directly from one database to another just use the mouse to drag-drop the selected subtree into a database-slot button.

384 Gigabyte database size
TreePad X Enterprise supports databases of up to 384 Gigabytes (128 Gb text, 128 Gb images and 128 Gb binary data) on Windows 7, XP, Vista, 200x and NT but only when all client programs and the server program are running from an NTFS partition. If the server and/or some clients are installed on a FAT partition (Windows 9x, ME, NT, 200x, XP, Vista, 7), the maximum supported database size is 12 Gb (4 Gb text, 4 Gb images, 4 Gb binary data).

For more information, please see the TreePad X Enterprise Server home page on

A free 30-day evaluation version of TreePad X Enterprise can be requested here.


(5) iTreePad

is a Perl script to publish TreePad files directly online, without any file conversion, including a frame based javascript tree navigation system.

iTreePad supports online editing, searching, password protected nodes, multi-user editing passwords for specific nodes, and is compatible with all TreePad versions. The script allows visitors to directly view TreePad files in their Web browser.


TreePad database typeHow to use iTreePad
.hjt file Your .hjt and .htmhjt files can be accessed directly by iTreePad.
.tpd file (1) First, in TreePad click menu/file/save as, and select 'TreePad 6.x file (.hjt)' or HTML TreePad file (.htmhjt).
(2) Then upload the .hjt (or .htmhjt) file to your Website.
TreePad X Enterprise
(1) In TreePad X Enterprise, first select the subtree you want to export.
(2) Then click on menu/file/export/subtree to export the information to .hjt (or .htmhjt) file format.
(3) Finally, upload the .hjt (or .htmhjt) file to your Website.

Rich Text and plain text TreePad articles are shown as HTML. iTreePad also supports virtual nodes which mirror other nodes. iTreePad optionally displays child nodes as links within each article. iTreePad accesses TreePad .hjt and .htmhjt files directly without the need for file conversion (you need to have access to a Web server or Home page provider which allows you to upload Perl scripts).

Registration fee: freeware
Platforms: All
Created by: Intelliscript.



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