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TreePad Lite for Linux

A freeware personal information manager designed specifically to run on Linux. It is fully portable and does not need to be installed.

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Linux distros which we like

After much testing and use, we can recommend the following Linux distros as being practical, reliable and easy to use:
Debian, the LXDE and XFCE variants.
Open SUSE, the KDE variant.
Ubuntu 10.4 and 10.10 (using the Gnome 2 desktop), but definitely not any of the more recent versions.
Linux Mint, the KDE variant.
All of these distros offer so-called Live CDs as well as regular installation DVDs. Live CDs can run the operating system directly from CD or DVD, which enables you to test it 'risk free' without installing anything. A Live CD usually also allows you to install the OS on your harddisk (optional at startup).
For more Linux distributions, please see here.


How to use any Windows edition of TreePad on Linux

It is possible to run any edition of TreePad (for Windows) on Linux, including TreePad Enterprise single- and multi-user. For this you need to use Wine which is part of most Linux distributions.

First you need to make sure that Wine is present on your system.

(1) Is Wine installed?
If the main menu of your Linux distribution contains an entry for 'Wine', then in all likelyhood Wine is installed. An even better way to detect Wine, is to open a terminal window and execute

    wine --version

If this returns some version number, like wine-1.2.2, then Wine is installed.
If Wine is not installed on your system, then your Linux package manager (or software repository) will be able to download and install it for you automatically.

(2) Adjust permissions
In order to be able to execute a file on Linux, you need to enable the execute permission on that file. On Ubuntu you can do this by right-clicking on the executable (of the TreePad installer or TreePad itself), select Properties, select the tab Permissions and activate the checkmark Execute. Other Linux distributions will offer analogous options.

(3a) Run TreePad or installer - easy method
On Ubuntu, you can right-click on the TreePad executable (or the TreePad installer) and select 'Open with Wine Windows program loader'. Other Linux distriubtions will offer similar options.

(3b) Run TreePad or installer - alternative method
On any Linux distribution, you can also start TreePad or the TreePad installer (for Windows) from a terminal window. Inside the terminal, browse to the directory containing the TreePad program (or the TreePad installer), then type

    wine <the name of the executable>

(4) If you have used the TreePad installer
If you have used the installer to install TreePad on your Linux system, then, after installation, you need to repeat steps (2) and (3) for the TreePad program's executable itself.
On Ubuntu (and presumably most other distributions), the TreePad installer will create shortcuts to TreePad inside the Linux main menu, Wine/Programs/.


Wine alternatives

Should TreePad for Windows not work with your version of Wine/Linux (it is unlikely, but still possible), then you can try updating Wine to a newer release.

Alternatively, the virtual machines listed below will enable you to run any Windows TreePad edition on Linux:

Virtualbox Freeware, open-source virtual Machine for Windows, Linux, MAC. It supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), and OpenBSD.
Runs all TreePad editions on Linux including TreePad X Enterprise.

VMWare Workstation Using this excellent emulator you are able to run all current TreePad Windows versions on Linux, including the Enterprise Editions. Solid emulation comes at a price though ($189), but enables you to run most other Windows software on Linux as well, and saves you the price of an extra PC.

KVM which is an acronym for Linux 'Kernel-based Virtual Machine'. Since 2007, the Linux kernel natively supports virtualization. You can now run a number of operating systems 'virtually', meaning as 'guest os' on top Linux itself. This includes Windows, Linux, Solaris, Haiku (BeOS) and more. At present, KVM requires more skills to utilize compared to VMWare and Virtual Box. We have not (yet) tested TreePad on Windows running inside a KVM, but expect TreePad to run just fine.


TreePad SAFE for Linux/Wine

Unfortunately, a minority of (mostly older) Wine versions will not run TreePad perfectly (for instance, the main menu might not work). For this particular case, we created a special edition of TreePad SAFE, called 'TreePad SAFE for Linux/Wine' which can be downloaded from
Current version: 7.3.7b

You can start TreePad SAFE on Linux by typing

    wine treepadsafe.exe

in a terminal window. TreePad SAFE for Linux/Wine is almost identical to TreePad SAFE for Windows. Please note that this download is a 21-day evaluation version until you enter the TreePad SAFE registration number.

You can buy a TreePad SAFE registration number here. Please evaluate TreePad SAFE for Linux on your system before purchasing it. In other words: make sure it runs OK!

If you are already a registered user of TreePad PRO for Linux, then you can request a free upgrade to TreePad SAFE for Linux/Wine and enjoy the new features for free.

If you are already a registered user of TreePad SAFE for Windows, you can use your existing registration number for TreePad SAFE for Linux/Wine.


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