TreePad X Enterprise
384 Gb single-user
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Download Version 7.17 of
TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user).

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-  install_tpxsu2.exe
-  install_tpxsu2.exe
-  install_tpxsu2.exe
Easy install.
Download size 4.2 Mb.
Zip package
Download size 4.0 Mb
Virus scans
Both files install_tpxsu2.exe and were reported clean on January 04, 2014 by: Avast!, AVG, Bitdefender, F-Prot, F-Secure, Kasperski, Panda, Sophos, VBA32.
Digital signature
The TreePad program, installer and uninstaller are digitally signed with: "Freebyte Software Engineering".
Our digital signature can be viewed (in Windows, though not Linux/Wine) by right-clicking on any of these executables, then choose 'Properties'. Finally, open the tab 'Digital signatures'.
File checksums
MD5: 216900cf220d5a4c91eb909526696a13
SHA1: 2e35dd08106d61e22af7430627937ac55db531cc
Exact file size: 4201368 bytes
MD5: 7d1e87704cdd9c782f2f8326a4ffa200
SHA1: 4f185f1b408fecf62c95b59a9338437fc71048b4
Exact file size: 3956240 bytes

The file you download is fully functional and operational, the only restriction for non-registered users is the 21-day trial period.

Current version
TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb, single-user), Version 7.17

This program is compatible with all current 32 bit and 64 bit Windows editions and Linux/Wine.
It supports databases of up to 384 Gigabytes on Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 20xx, NT (NTFS) and 12 GB on Windows 98, ME (FAT).

Product highlights
TreePad™ X Enterprise represents the 'next generation' Personal Information Manager and database with the unique ability to access, edit, store and search databases of texts, attachments and images up to 384 Gigabytes. And it opens up to twelve databases simultaneously.
TreePad Enterprise has been redesigned from the ground up for enhanced performance and reliability. More...

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