Converter Readme

Treepad converter version 1.0
Created by Frank Merenda
This document was created with Treepad Plus! :)
What it does: This utility will translate a netscape or exported internet explorer bookmark file to a treepad text file, usable in the free version of treepad, or treepad plus. It will simply take your url's and surround them in quotes. It will create nodes for each folder in your bookmarks. It will also, hopefully, save you time! :)
A quick history:
I downloaded the free version of treepad, and really liked it. I wanted to transfer all my bookmarks to treepad, but since I had hundreds of bookmarks, this would have been a really tedious process. So I did what any programmer would do, and spent a night creating a utility to do it for me. :) I hope you can use it as well.
This utility was created in about thee hours. The purpose was to save time. There is little or no error handling in this utility, it was written quickly and very dirty. Your files will NOT be damaged if this utility does not process your bookmarks correctly, it will just not make a pretty import file. :)
Thanks to:
Henk Hagedoorn and the fine folks at Freebyte for creating Treepad and Treepad plus, as well as several other great free programs! Those folks rule.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need a java virtual machine in order to run this utility! You can download one, free of charge, from (as of this writing)
All users: Extract the files included in this archive to a folder on your hard drive. Continue from the IE or Netscape sections, depending on which browser you are using.
Please note, if you have nested folders, you will have to massage your favorites so the links are listed before the sub-folders!!!! If you do not do this your favorites will not convert correctly. Please see the following pictures for an example:





Internet Explorer: You will have to export your bookmarks. To do this, open up internet explorer, and choose "File | Import and Export". Then choose "Export Favorites". Choose your base folder, usually called "Favorites". Save the file under the base directory where you extracted the converter software. This is the same directory where the "convert.bat" file is. Name the file "bookmark.htm". From here, follow the instructions for Netscape users.
Copy your "bookmark.htm" file into the base directory where you extracted the converter software. This is the same directory where the "convert.bat" file is. Name the file "bookmark.htm". Double click on the "convert.bat" batch file. This will create a file named "translated_NS_bookmarks.hjt" in the same directory where the "convert.bat" file is located. There will be several informational messages that pass on your screen while the utility is running. It should complete in under 5 seconds.
Create a NEW treepad document.
Create a new base node.
Select the node.
Choose "File | Import | | Into Tree | Treepad File".
You will now see a node called "Netscape Bookmarks". You can rename this to whatever you wish, like "IE Bookmarks" or "My Bookmarks".
Clean up any "stray" nodes.
You're done! Save the document. You can also now import this document into other documents, or whatever you'd like.
Treepad and Treepad plus are copyrighted by Freebyte,
I do not offer support for this software, you can use it all you want, but I, unfortunately due to the time involved, can not help people with using it. I have tried to document the processes below for using the software as best as I can.
This software is "free software", and is released under the GPL. What this means is basically you can use this software and the source code for anything you'd like, but don't hold me responsible for any damage that comes from using this software. Any improvements must be sent back to me to include in future releases of the code, so others can benefit from your improvements. That's about it. :) The full license can be found at: Please read the license if you have any other questions.