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TreePad Lite Manual
Downloadable manual for:
* TreePad Lite
* TreePad Asia.
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Size24 Kb
VersionMarch 17, 2010.
For version 4.3.
UsageTo install the manual, extract the file manual.hjt from the zip archive and copy it into the program's directory, after which it can be opened by clicking
Menu: Help/Manual.
Note When opening the manual through the TreePad Lite (version 4.0 or higher) "Help" menu, a separate instance of TreePad Lite will start which opens the manual. The original instance of TreePad Lite containing the file which you are working will still be there (but in the background).


How this manual is created
The TreePad Lite manual is created using TreePad Lite itself.


  Online manuals


TreePad Lite Manual
Online manual for:
* TreePad Lite
* TreePad Asia
ViewClick here to view the online manual directly inside your Web browser
VersionMarch 17, 2010.
For version 4.3.
UsageThe manual opens directly inside your Webbrowser. You do not need to download or install anything.


How this manual is created
This online manual has been created using TreePad Lite, then imported into TreePad X Enterprise and generated using the built-in Website export function of TreePad X Enterprise.
This function is accessible inside TreePad X Enterprise through Menu: Database/Export/Subtree/To Website.
See also: Website Authoring with TreePad


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