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Importing and Exporting


You can import three kinds of files by choosing File > Import > Into Tree:

You can import the contents of any text (.txt) file into an article by choosing File > Import > Into Article.

  • TreePad (.hjt) file
    The root node of the imported file will become a child of the selected node.
  • Text (.txt) files
    The file names wil be added as child nodes of the selected node. Their contents will be the articles.
  • Comma separated (.csv) file
    See CSV files


You can export your tree or a subtree by choosing File > Export > Subtree. The subtree is not removed from your current file. Three kinds of files can be created.

  • TreePad (.hjt) file
    The selected node of your subtree will become the root node of the new file.
  • Text (.txt) file
    Each node name will be followed by its article.
  • HTML files
    The nodes will become headings. Their articles will be indented in plain text. This lets you print your file from a web browser in a format that shows the structure of your tree.

You can export the contents of one article by choosing File > Export > Article.

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