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TreePad keyboard shortcuts

Tree shortcuts


Article shortcuts

Collapse a subtree one level Ctrl+B or
on number keypad or
left arrow
  Automatic paste Shift+Ctrl+V
  Convert to lowercase Ctrl+Shift+L
  Convert to uppercase Ctrl+Shift+U
Collapse a subtree all levels Ctrl+D   Copy Ctrl+C
Copy node address as hyperlink Ctrl+Shift+H   Cut Ctrl+X
Delete node Delete   Delete article Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Delete node without confirmation Ctrl+Shift+Delete   Delete next word to right Ctrl+Delete
Edit node name F2   Follow hyperlink Ctrl+H
Expand subtree one level Ctrl+A or
+ on number keypad or
right arrow
  Go to end Ctrl+End
  Go to start Ctrl+Home
  Insert date Ctrl+Shift+D
Expand subtree all levels Ctrl+C   Insert date and time Ctrl+Shift+J
Insert child node Insert or
  Insert hyperlink to file Ctrl+Shift+H
  Insert time Ctrl+Shift+T
Insert date Ctrl+Shift+D   Open context menu Shift+F10
Insert date and time Ctrl+Shift+U   Paste Ctrl+V
Insert sibling node Enter   Remove leading spaces Ctrl+Shift+1
Insert sibling node before Ctrl+Shift+Insert   Remove spaces and returns Ctrl+Shift+2
Insert time Ctrl+Shift+T   Select all Ctrl+A
Move node down Shift+down arrow   Undo last edit Ctrl+Z
Move node left Shift+left arrow   Wrap text Ctrl+W
Move node right Shift+right arrow      
Move node up Shift+up arrow      
Open context menu Shift+F10      
Sort subtree one level Ctrl+Shift+S      

Other shortcuts

Save Ctrl+S   Scroll down down arrow
Start search Ctrl+F   Scroll up up arrow
Search again F3   View article only F10
      View tree and article F11
      View tree only F12