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TreePad Manual for version 2.6.9

HJ-TreePad is a very easy to use information manager. It allows you to organize text information, such as personal notes or e-mail, find it again with a quick search and print it.

The text articles appear on the right side of the screen (here), and each one is associated with a node of the tree on the left. The tree can be added to or rearranged any way you wish, and you can link from an article to another TreePad node or to a file on your computer.

To learn more about working with TreePad, click one of the links in the tree on the left, or at the top or bottom of the page.

TreePad 2.6.9 is a freeware application by Henk Hagedoorn, and can be downloaded from

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Manual by Ralph D'Alelio, Jane Ferrari, Elizabeth Raskob and Carol Romans as part of a course in the Technical Communication Certificate Program at Bentley College.