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Manuals for
TreePad X Enterprise

TreePad X Enterprise manual
Online and a downloadable editions of the main manual for TreePad X Enterprise can be found here.

TreePad X Administrator manual
Online and a downloadable editions of the TreePad X Administrator manual can be found here.



Manuals for
TreePad Business Edition
TreePad PLUS
TreePad SAFE

TreePad Biz/Plus/Safe manual
The online and a downloadable editions of the main manual (for TreePad Business Edition, TreePad PLUS and TreePad SAFE) can be found here.

Regular expressions tutorials
TreePad Business Edition supports tree-search using regular expressions. Here you can find regular expression tutorials and reference sites.

Old PDF manual
Download link for the PDF version of the manual from 2006 for version 7.3.5 of TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE and TreePad Business Edition.



Technical TreePad documents

This section contains information for technically oriented users, such as programmers who want to create TreePad compatible software and conversion programs.

File format specification for TreePad 3.x - 7.x.
File format (.hjt) for the TreePad 3.x - 7.x versions. This document also contains some example programming code to show how to best read .hjt files if you want to keep compatible with future changes in the file format.

TreePad Template (.tpt) files.
The structure of TreePad Template files and how to create your own.

TreePad 2.x File format
File format (.hjt) of TreePad 2.x versions. Useful information for developers of TreePad 2.x compatible programs.

Documents for beginning users
(all TreePad versions)

Basic TreePad manual
This document explains the basic functions of TreePad, like adding, removing and editing data. It is written with the beginning TreePad user in mind.
Created by Any Fielding, technical writer.

Basic TreePad manual in Dutch
Basic TreePad manual in Dutch. Translated by Norbert van der Aa, WebAssist.



TreePad Lite for Windows Manuals

TreePad Lite and TreePad Asia manual
The offical and most current edition of the main manual for TreePad Lite and TreePad ASIA can be found here.



Manuals for older versions

TreePad Lite 2.7.3 manual: English
Download link for the english TreePad 2.7.3 manual, TreePad format.

TreePad Lite 2.7.3 manual: French
Download link for a French translation of the TreePad 2.7.3 manual, by Alain Ronce. TreePad format, 23 Kb.

Online manual for version 2.6.9
Online HTML manual for version 2.6.9. English, created by Elizabeth Raskob.



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