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All databases on this page are compatible with any TreePad edition, including TreePad Lite (freeware).
If you use TreePad Enterprise, then just import the database (a .hjt file) into an existing (or new) TPX Enterprise database using Menu: Database/Import.


Database with useful and useless information on a variety of subjects. Created by 'Slyfoot'.
Download: (98 Kb)


TreePad database containing food recipes. Download: (20 Kb)


The Computer Lady
Computer questions and answers, tips, links, Web sites, mailing lists, program descriptions gathered by and created by 'the Computer Lady'.
Download: (51 Kb)


SQL Server FAQ and examples
Database containing MS SQL Server FAQ and code examples.
Download: (202 Kb)


Perl reference and examples
Database with Perl code fragments and reference material.
Download: (445 Kb)


Oracle reference and examples
Oracle code fragments and reference material.
Download: (546 Kb)


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