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Utilities to convert files (of various types and formats) to and from TreePad format. The programs and scripts on this page are compatible with all TreePad versions unless otherwise specified.

See also TreePad utilities.

TreePad-to-PDF - freeware edition

A freeware utility to convert a TreePad file into a PDF file. The tree structure is fully preserved.
TreePad-to-PDF is compatible with TreePad Lite (freeware). You can just as well use it with any of the higher TreePad editions (although the conversion process currently does not support images, hyperlinks and rich text formatting).
Files created by TreePad Lite can be converted directly. When you have a higher TreePad edition, you first need to export a subtree to TreePad Lite format (using Menu: File/Export/Subtree or Menu: Database/Export/Subtree). The resulting .hjt file can then be converted by TreePad-to-PDF.

Program home page: TreePad-to-PDF
Download: TreePad-to-PDF
Platforms: Windows (32 bit, 64 bit), Linux/Wine.
License: Freeware
Created by:


HJT to Word Converter

Freeware MS Word macro to convert TreePad .hjt files into an MS Word document.

Download: (17 Kb).
Created by:   Michael Pemberton.



Freeware program to convert an MS Word document to a TreePad file or an XML file. The Treepad 2.x file is created right from active Word document, following it's structure.

Download: (18 Kb).
Platforms:  MS Word 97 or higher.
Created by:   Andris Shleiters.



Convenient freeware windows program to convert TreePad files into CSV files. CSV files can be imported into the majority of database and spreadsheet programs on Windows, Palm, Mac, Linux, etc. For example,
TreePad2CSV converts this tree...
...into this CSV file, as viewed in a SpreadSheet program:
Optionally, you can export articles as well, provided they contain only plain text (TreePad 2.x compatible).
In the example above, any exported article will be assigned its own spreadsheet cell.

Download: (132 Kb).
Platforms:  Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, NT, XP.
License:  Freeware.
Created by:


Export from MailBag to TreePad

Free MailBag templates, to generate TreePad files from emails contained in MailBag.
Available: normal/default and XML template.
MailBag Assistant is an email organizer which can read and organize email databases from most popular email programs.

Created by: Tim Teebken



Freeware command-line program to convert CSV (comma-separated) files to TreePad files.

Download: (101 Kb).
Created by: David R. Watson.


TPCONV: TreePad to XML converter

This free Java program can convert an XML data file into a TreePad database file and vice versa.

Compatibility: all TreePad .hjt files
Program home page: TPCONV
Created by: Andreas Kraft.


HJT 2 Yank

Collection of Bash and AWK scripts to convert Treepad .hjt files to Unix Yank format and vice versa. The following tools are available: hjt2yank, yank2hjt, and hjtyank windows frontend.

Project home page: HJT 2 Yank
Requirements: AWK, Bash , Linux / Unix
Created by: Linas Jakučionis Brovienas.


Parse IE Bookmarks

Free Windows utility to convert Internet Explorer or Netscape bookmarks into TreePad files.
This utility has similar functionality to Java program directly below, but without the need for having a Java engine installed.

License: freeware
Created by: Jack Rudder.


Bookmark to TreePad Converter

Free Java program to convert Netscape or Explorer bookmarks into TreePad files.
This program is fully compatible with TreePad Freeware, TreePad PLUS and higher. Runs on any operating system which has Java installed.
Please note that you need a Java virtual machine to run this program, it does not run by itself!

Version: 1.1
License: freeware, open source, GNU GPL.
Created by: Frank Merenda.
More information: readme.html


exe-eBook Creator

exe-eBook creator is a freeware ebook compiler for TreePad files. It enables you to create an executable (program) from a TreePad .tpd or .hjt file. This single "exe-file" contains the TreePad database as well as the TreePad Viewer program.
The advantage of an exe-eBook is that it can be distributed royalty-free as a single file, since both data and viewer program are contained inside the program. Furthermore, a TreePad exe-eBook runs directly without installing anything! exe-eBook creator can also compile password protected/encrypted TreePad files as exe-eBook. Additionally: exe-eBooks contain a search engine, an options screen, zoom function 10% - 1000%, history back/forward, etc.
An exe-eBook can contain plain text articles, formatted articles, images, tree node icons, hyperlinks.

database type
How to use
exe-eBook Creator
.tpd file Your .tpd files can be compiled directly using exe-eBook Creator.
.hjt file Your .hjt files can be compiled directly using exe-eBook Creator.
TreePad X Enterprise
(1) In TreePad X Enterprise, first select the subtree you want to export.
(2) Then click on menu/file/export/subtree to export your information to .tpd file format.
(3) Finally, use exe-eBook Creator to compile the .tpd file into an exe-eBook.

Program home page:   exe-eBook Creator
Download:   exe-eBook Creator
License:   freeware
Platforms:  Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, NT, XP.
Created by:



The TreePad .tpd file format (introduced in 2004) has many advantages, such as a binary file format, improved security, reliability, speed, and it allows images, articles, nodes, icons all to be stored in one file. This has one side-effect though. One can no longer perform a global search-replace inside the .tpd file using a standard text editor, like you could do with the old ASCII based .hjt file format.
To accomodate those users, who are accustomed to doing occasional global search/replace actions on their ASCII .hjt files, this freeware utility has been created. It enables one to extract (export) all the articles/nodes from the binary .tpd file to an ASCII .hjt file. After you have done your global search/replace actions on the .hjt file in a standard text editor, you can import the changed .hjt file again into the binary .tpd file.
Note: this utility is for advanced users only. When you do a global search/replace on a .hjt file (and indirectly on a .tpd file) outside TreePad, only do this when you are very sure of what you are doing, and proceed at your own risk!

Release:   version 1.1
Download: (243 Kb)
License:   freeware
Platform:  Windows
Created by:



GEDCOM to TreePad converision utility, to convert GEDCOM genealogical data into a TreePad .hjt file. It will also generate CSV files for loading into Microsoft Access or other database tool.

Home page: GED2TPD
License: Donationware (no registration fee required)
Platform:  Windows
Created by:   Jeff Aylor.


Converting Palm documents

There can be several ways to convert TreePad files to Palm compatible files. One method is to export your tree or article to an HTML file (from inside TreePad). Then, using MakeDocW you can convert the HTML file to Palm DOC.


TreePad-Progect converter (Palm)

Make your TreePad 2.x files available on Palm (in the free Progect Outliner), and export your Progect/PDesk outlines back to TreePad files.

Created by: Tomas Drahokoupil


Export to TomeRaider

A short tutorial on how to convert TreePad Lite files to Tomeraider .txt format using NoteTab macros. It also contains a number of ready-to-use NoteTab macros.

Tutorial: ExportTPtoTomeRaider.html
Created by: Martin O'Neill.



This program converts a NoteTab outline file (.otl) to a TreePad .hjt file. Freeware for Windows.

Download:   notetab2treepad.exe (169 Kb).
Platforms:  Windows, Linux/Wine
Created by:


OPML to TreePad converter

Free Perl script to convert OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) files to TreePad files. Currently it only manages simple OPML outlines and OPML links. For further details on OPML, please see

Platforms:   Any computer or operating system having a Perl interpreter.
Created by:   Michael S. Manley.


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