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* TreePad is a widely awarded and acclaimed powerful multi-functional program which pioneered databasing in the intuitive tree-form that you are now acquainted with. At the same time, TreePad is so small that it is portable on a diskette.

* TreePad offers you quality software which is constantly being further developed to suit your needs and wishes, while registration charges are kept as low as they can possibly be.

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Why not let your web visitors and your friends know that you are a happy TreePad user? Support TreePad, and place a link to TreePad on your WebPage!

In this section, you will find a wide variety of banners and buttons for you to choose from. Putting a banner, small screen shot or button on your home page costs you hardly any effort, especially in view of the advantages you enjoy as a TreePad user. And it can help us keep charges low.

Additionally, your visitors and friends can be grateful to you for the tip.

Here is how you link to TreePad:

Just choose an image from one of the pages listed below, right-click on the image and save it to your harddisk. Then, incorporate the image into your home page using your favorite HTML editor.

Note: please do not link directly to the images you find on since their Web location (URL) might change in the future.

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