My Gratitude
I simply want to tell you how great I believe TreePad Business and TreePad Enterprise are.
I use mostly (as of right now) the TreePad Business edition and I use it for everything (almost). The truth of the matter is I use it every single day.
Business, personal, address, Bible study, software listing, items that I am writing in TreePad and then the exe creator.
I started out with TreePad Lite then bought the business edition and then bought the Enterprise(386) edition.
Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.
Grateful for your great software
C W Hill,
C. W. Hill & Associates

Great Product!
Just a note on how great this little gem is. I just started using the 'Read Directory' feature. I can now store all the contents of my myriad of DVD's that store all my E-books, movies and general info I burn from time to time. I store recipies⁄firewood usage⁄routine tasks⁄contacts⁄web sites I frequent the list goes on and on.
Price is right and I learned about it on, in one of the forums.
Thanks again for a great product.
Brent Eamer, Canada

I wish to thank you for the last TreePad Business update (7.6).
The program remains an essential tool for an organized personal and professional life.
Recently in my work place we had the need to share some links to specific work references.
After a couple of thoughts I decided to create a small web site on the intranet reporting the links to relevant documents.
It was extremely easy to create and maintain this small site with TreePad.
Thank you again.
Mario Corrado
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