MieNet (1): TreePad is absolutely my favorite program(...) it is hard to believe that such a powerful program is small enough also be used right from a diskette, with plenty of room for data on that same diskette!
MieNet (2): Treepad, a great little program. This is the great little program that I use as database and, in fact, for just about anything that does not require full-fledged text processing.
MieNet (3): (...) great for organizing class notes, professional data, homepage files, and anything else! TreePad is absolutely my favorite program (...) I wouldn't be able to live, work, have homepages, etc., without it (...)



BlueChillies: TreePad PLUS, version 3.2 Visitor Rating: Excellent! (5.00 out of 5).



Suite101: Among hundreds of programs proclaiming to offer you the ultimate file system - one larger and more feature rich than the other - I always come back to a small programs that during the last years have saved mother nature quite some trees, and my office for paper. So what else could such a small little pearl of software (less than 300 kB in download) be named than Treepad? (...) I use it myself for all bookings to my travel agency, one folder⁄node for each client⁄traveller - and sub folder⁄sub node for each in⁄out mail. Copy the original mail with headers (so date, email addresses and other basic information are not lost) into Treepad. Each guest with his⁄her reference⁄booking number and name in the main node (...)



Review by Professor Tom Wilson of TreePad Lite
(University of Sheffield):
TreePad - a really simple Personal Information Manager.
Throughout my 'career' as a reviewer of software I have always taken the greatest pleasure in programs that do a job simply and well (...). On these grounds, TreePad ought to be subtitled, "the Simple Personal Information Manager".



PricelessWare TreePad Freeware is listed among the best of the best in Windows Freeware, as determined by the readers of alt.comp.freeware



LanGServices.com: Treepad can be a very useful asset not only for collectors, but just as well for students of whatever discipline, teachers, researchers, business people of all sorts, journalists, e-mailers, and anyone, in sum, who can profit from a reliable and flexible database, whatever its use or purpose. Further advantageous characteristics are that Treepad takes up very little hard disk space, requires no installation (...).



Armano Magliardo: About the freeware version: Hard to believe that a program of this quality and usefulness is freeware! Treepad has become one of my most used programs. It is at the same time small (I carry it with all my data on the same diskette) and it offers powerful functions (hyperlinking, advanced search options, text editing and more). Simple to install and to use, so flexible that it can be used for just about as many purposes as we can imagine, TreePad is a must d for anyone who needs a freeform database with an intuitive explorer-tree interface and text editing capability.



DirtSmart Ezine: I've worked with database software for far longer than I care to admit. Strangely, ever since we made the transition from good old DOS to Windows and all its GUI glory, I've had the darndest time trying to locate a simple database tool. What's available is either way too powerful and overkill for most day-to-day data management chores, or too specialized to be of much use for anything but what it was designed to do. And wouldn't you know it, after all these years of going without, now I've got two (Custom Addressbook and TreePad) that'll do the job admirably... and free to boot! Both are from the same programmer (...) !



Cool Freeware about TreePad freeware: '..I am extremely thankful that I tried this impressive little utility...'



Trylleri: Treepad is a must-have program! It's great help for studying, and for organizing anything, really. Easy to install and great to use (...)

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