Martin on Editfast:
!Treepad is ideal for organizing ideas, notes, email text.
(...) TreePad, the best text organizer and database I have found.


I started with TreePad Lite, then graduated to Plus,
and upgraded to Enterprise, all within a month or

It is a SUPERB software.

Had I known that the massive data I had created in
HTML tables and RTF tables can be imported, I would
have purchased the software the first day, instead
of three-step process.

Please do mention in your promotional material that
the software can "import" and therefore there is
no need to abandon, or redo, what has already been
done in other format [which you might specify]

God bless your business, and I plan to keep buying the
latest whenever it is released.

Dr. Johnson C. Philip



Auldmac on TreePad Lite: A Must-Have FREE Utility.
There are many freeware programs out there on the free pages on the net, but this one deserves a special mention in my opinion. it has become one of these - can't live without utilities which i use constantly. It can be kept on, and more importantly, run from a floppy disk, only taking up about half a megabyte. (...) I am sure you dooyooers out there will find this excellent free utility to be of great use and like myself, the more you use it the more uses you will find for it.



This program is laid out very well with many addional features like word search and exporting your notes to HTML. All in all a very useful note taking program.



21st Century Oldies writes: ' of the best and most useful programs I have ever downloaded...'


Ron Miller: Hi, I've been running TreePad PLUS for about a month, now, and I am wondering how I ever got along without this program. It's the best software value I've found in a long time (...) I've been expecially pleased with the RTF capabilities. I can copy stuff from Web pages and drop it right into TreePad. (...) It's the first program I open and the last one I close each day


BusinessNet: Treepad is an fantastic and simple program to store and retrieve notes or any kind of information. It uses a Windows explorer type setup so it easy to navigate... AND it sits in your task bar waiting to be used anytime.



Image Paradise: The TreePad website offers you a free program that's great for organizing class notes, homepage files, and anything else!



Crooked Bush: If you've seen TreePad, then you know it's a great way to save and organize data. (See



Mobile Computing: (...) TreePad represents an intriguing and relatively easy way of organizing notes, files, documents and other resources you might need on a daily basis (...)

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