PC Review: ...one of those great pieces of software that is extremely simple, yet extremely powerful. It can be turned to a variety of uses without needing hours to learn how to use it...



Melissa Cover
I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks in all the work you have done with TreePad. Ever since I discovered TreePad about a month ago, I've been using it every single workday. I have a job where it's necessary to recall or quickly find thousands of tidbits of information per project, [...]. Treepad has simplified my work life and, I think, has helped me improve my memory regarding work projects since my notes are now organized. When I need to recall information, I find myself picturing where in my Treepad hierarchy I would have stored the information, and it seems to be easier to mentally recall the info I need. I honestly don't know how I ever got by without TreePad, and I expect to be a lifelong user of the program. Thank you so much [...] It's worth every penny.



Dennis James
I recently purchased a couple copies of TreepadBIZ, and I gotta tell you... what you are doing with your vision for this program is really, really wonderful. I was a fan of Treepad from the very beginning. But I did not foresee the extent that you would develop it. I happily used Treepad (freeware) for light-duty work, and InfoRecall for the rest (encrypted stuff). But now I'm moving my 10 years worth of InfoRecall data into TreepadBiz because there's just no comparison, and because of the zeal that you're bringing to computing. Treepad is fun.

Either there is a team of 50 programmers working on this jewel, or there is person with an extremely steady vision.

Anyway, thank you for all that you're doing. It is appreciated. Please keep up this fine work. And also thanks for your contributions to the world of freeware as well.


HomePageMadeEasy writes about
TreePad Business Edition:
(1) All-in-One efficient companion of the modern business person. (2) TreePad is quality software that's easy to install and to use! (3) TreePad is more portable than a LapTop.



From the review by Creativity Web:
Both products (TreePad PLUS and TreePad SAFE, ed.) represent excellent value for money.




Sean Casey
Please give my regards to your developer(s), as they are churning-out world-class features at a phenomenal pace. I have never been happy living with the various information⁄contact management programs I've used over some 16 years (e.g., Sidekick, Zoot, Ecco, Goldmine, Notes). While I will continue to use a contact mgt. program, I have finally found a suitable information management program - TreePad.

I had originally purchased TreePad for use at home, as I have many hobbies to keep organized; however, TreePad has also followed me into the office as a solid solution to office information clutter. I will happily spread the word on the Net and in my office, and I wish Freebyte (and Treepad) all the success it clearly deserves.

Sean Casey
Technology and Security Risk Services
Ernst & Young LLP



BusinessNet - ActionNet:
TreePad - an outstanding notes and information program.
Treepad is an fantastic and simple program to store and retrieve notes or any kind of information. It uses a Windows explorer type setup so it easy to navigate... AND it sits in your task bar waiting to be used anytime.



FreeDownloads center:
Nowadays a lot of sites and developers offer their own versions of organizers (...). So itís very hard to choose the one which could be the most convenient (...).
The program called Treepad can make your searches for such program useless. It fits every PC (...) and it is very convenient to use the program.



Tom S. on CNet:
"New edition 6.3 is top notch". Text file, imports, export to HTML, export to already constructed web sites, E-book publications. This program has considerable power and capability. This is the best shareware program I have paid for.



Peter Moulding:
Treepad is the best thing I know for family trees.

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