Review by Professor Tom Wilson
of TreePad Business Edition

(...) So, what is TreePad? Well, you probably know the Indian fable of the blind men and the elephant, in which each of eight blind men described an elephant in very different ways, depending upon which part of the animal they happened to come into contact with. TreePad is a little like that. From one point of view it is a tree-structured, free-format database for text documents. From another, it is a means of storing and organizing images. From another, it is a personal organizer based on a calendar structure, or a To-do list. Or an outliner and information store for developing a paper or a thesis. From another perspective it is a generator of HTML pages, and even of entire Websites. In other words, probably the best thing we can say about it is that it is an extremely flexible and extremely powerful program for information management - personal or corporate. Oh, yes - it is also a fully functional word-processor.
(...) And when one considers that Microsoft is asking for $99.00 for its OneNote package for functions that are less complete than those in TreePad, it is also a bargain. (...)

Wilson, T.D. (2005). Review of: TreePad business edition. Information Research, 10(3), review no. SR18 [Available at: http:⁄⁄⁄ir⁄reviews⁄sofrev18⁄sofrev18.html]



I wanted to let you know how fantastic the program is. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it and am fascinated by it. I am impressed by how well you thought it all out as you wrote it. Just conceiving all the interactions and the logical (yet simple) functions is quite a feat. Turning all those concepts into the working program is to me an incredible piece of work! Thanks (...) for creating the best program I have ever used. I am also very impressed and happy with the entire Freebyte web site and philosophy on making useful software. You have a customer for life. Again, my compliments.

Jim Lemmerman



Imagine, your own repository of data organised in whatever structure your want. With techniques available to simplify every task. I have been using TreePad Business Edition for more than a year on a daily basis. I use it as a Personal Information Manager, a place to capture business and technical knowledge as well as creative output. I have encapsulated policy, procedure, dreams and algorithms in it's Heirachical tree and article structure. When Heirachical organisation is not good enough I use hyperlinks, forms and self documenting processes. TreePad also continues to advance rapidly, each release is like opening my presents at Christmas. All this is done in my database of less than 20MB which lives on a cheep 64Mb USB ram disk (Thumb Drive). One of the most exciting things is, I have only used perhaps 40% of it's functions and tools so far.

TreePad not only has room for everything you can imagine but it actualy stimulates your imagination. It behaves like your own expert system, reference library, task list, sketchpad almost anything.

The day has come when maintaining you own personal database is very useful in dealing with the modern world. TreePad is my answer. Get the evaluation version, and before you do anthing else, let your imagination run free. This is the progam I would include if I could have a chip implanted in my brain.

This testimonial is unsolicitered and serves no other puropse than to spread the word of this great software product.

Anthony Muscio
NSW Australia.



I have been a satisfied TreePad Business user for some years now. TreePad just keeps getting better and better. I would be lost without it. TreePad has made it possible for me to organise and store my important information, and to retrieve it easily. (...) I just wanted to say "Thanks!"

TreePad is a super application, and I look forward to enjoying it and benefitting from it for many years to come.

Grant Botes



I'm impressed with Treepad Business Edition - some things are not very intuitive but after finding out how to use it (and having sufficient html knowledge to do some tweaking) I rebuilt my website using it. This is at http:⁄⁄⁄new_website⁄index.html
Maintaining the website is going to be a lot easier and the ability to export it as an e-book is a great marketing tool.

Thanks for a great example of shareware!

Brian Hunt



David Bakody in 'Speak Forcefully':
Brief TreePad Review - Handy for Outlining

(...) Because of the nature of law school and the materials briefed and utilized, what I really wanted was some type of formal outlining program that would also work a little bit like a database (...)

With Treepad I am able to create a highly organized outline that tracks the peculiar teaching style of each professor, while at the same time maintaining an equally applicable database to store my case briefs. I can easily mold and shape Treepad to work the way I work while at the same time creating a workable, manageable outline tree on the fly as I progress through the course. Another nice touch that Treepad offers is an Export to Web function. One can export their project in the form of a website that can be viewed by just about any standards compliant web browser (...).



Stuart Cliffe writes in issue 151
of the FreePrint newsletter:
TreePad - the database family which from a single floppy can manage anything from your wine cellar to your email correspondence with equal ease, plus cataloguing hard drives, CDs and bookmarks.



Once again you've reminded me how good you guys are, and what a great program you've produced! For one reason or another I find myself not using Treepad for a while every now and then, and when I get back to using it I remember how amazing it is. And to top that, when a problem arises, you guys are there ready to help out. Thankyou! I just want you to know how much your help is really appreciated.

Ken Hutton



Mark Lauritsen (US Air Force)

I am a registered user of TreePad Plus, and it's time I stopped and wrote you a sincere note of appreciation for your software.

TreePad Plus is absolutely the best organizing⁄archiving tool that I have ever found in my 25 years of computer programming as a real-time avionics & simulation software engineer for the US Air Force. I have used it since finding the freeware version 1.5 of TreePad Light.

TreePad's features, flexibility and usefulness have no equivalent in any other software package. It is my favorite software program, far above Microsoft Word and the rest. The HTML website one-page⁄multi-page generation feature is absolutely fantastic for being so simple to use, with an excellent index⁄frame setup.

When I change computers, the first thing I set up is TreePad Plus and copy my outlines to the computer, to keep new setup, configuration and help-desk notes. It has become so useful, that I simply can not do without it. No other program even comes close to TreePad's quality and features. (...).

As I browse the web, I also copy pages that I need into a TreePad outline. (...). For business use, I use TreePad Plus to organize my collections of computer admin & help-desk notes, and then publish this regularly to my group's website, making me somewhat popular, as no one else has done this before. I keep all of my personal project notes, reference data, schedule and other important data for each avionics software project that I work on.

I am starting additional notes for photo albums & ebooks, and continue to recommend TreePad Plus to my friends and associates. (...)

Mark Lauritsen
Dallas, Texas



A registered user of TreePad who chose not to have his name published

Great things about TreePad:

* Organize my scientific research with TreePad - used to use multiple LaTeX files, but was awkward to see the big picture, having to flip between files (if I could even remember them all.) Now I can see the big picture in one file and reshape my organization as my understanding develops.
* Compact - a single 1 Mb executable does all that - not a nest of linked executable files and such taking up tens of Mb.
* Fabulous help document, especially since it demonstrates the capabilities of TreePad to organize knowledge.
* Cross platform support for Linux.
* Great price for all the features!

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