TreePad is honored to have been included in the UNESCO PACK issued in March 1998.



TreePad is honored to have been chosen by Tulane University for inclusion in their TALM Toolkit, where TreePad figures as their Library Database tool (TALM stands for Technology Assisted Learning Modules).



LockerGnome wrote in 1997: How many Post-It notes do you typically go through on a daily basis? TreePad might be an easier (and a bit more environmentally-friendly) way to keep your notes organized... in cascading trees that you don't have to cut down in order to use. It looks (and works) like Windows Explorer, in the sense that you can create an infinite amount of cascading topics and subtopics. Searching isn't a problem for this proggie, either--if you can remember a keyword or two, you'll have no problem finding what you were looking for. Organize and save some sticky notes!



Prof. Herman J. Pietersen: Just a brief note of appreciation for the wonderful software you designed and made available. It really serves my needs as researcher, wonderfully!! I will also register for TreePad Plus shortly, as I have found it indispensable for my research. I am also an associate editor of the online philosophy journal, The Examined Life (http:⁄⁄, so you can imagine just how handy your software is to me.



Crys:: I am a writer. I have 8 novels in TreePad format. IMHO it can't be beat for realibility. My Editor likes it because he doesn't have to deal with a huge .doc file AND can send me a single chapter if we need to go back and forth with it.



PLanGuide: Treepad, the best database, pim and text editor on-line, chosen as PLanGuide's electronic platform.



ZD Net: If your personal information fits into a traditional PIM program like a square peg in a round hole-- and the data lends itself to being structured hierarchically--then you should definitely check out TreePad.



Beverly Reibert: Just a note to say congratulations on accomplishing this mAjor upgrade (TreePad PLUS 4.0), and thank you for all your hard work. Treepad PLUS is one of the best tools I've ever found, and I've been recommending it to everybody I know (...) After investing weeks downloading every online help development tool on the internet, I found nothing that allows for simple, quick n' dirty structure building and .rtf output. Your tool saved my sanity and my job!



Jaenus tools (about the freeware version): TreePad is without a doubt the most useful small (but very powerful!) tool I have come across - everybody to whom I recommend it sings its praises. The description by the author really sums up its features best: "a free and easy to use database program, a powerful information organizer, PIM and outline text editor." It supports non-western fonts and has good search and import⁄export capabilities. The native HJT file format is incredibly compact. I use it to organise and prepare most of my projects, from website content to story outlines and research material.



User reviews on CNet
Mark W: 'A Must Have'. I use this program for everything from documentation to keeping a list of books I want to buy to writing my novel. I keep it on a floppy that I carry around with me, along with all of my treepad files, this way I can work on stuff anywhere there's a PC. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I've registered the new Treepad Plus (..)
P.A.I.: 'A Must for every PC owner!' Small and Powerful, feature rich though easy to use and to install, this is the best and most customizable program I have on my PC! I would not know how to run my computer without TreePad: I use it for managing both my personal life and two very different professional activities. Now I've just registered my copy of TreePad Plus (shareware) and have no words to praise it enough! If TreePad (freeware) was excellent already, TreePadPLUS is just superb!
Paolo I.: "Small, Powerful, Reliable -- an Excellent Program!".

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