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TreePad - Great Information Organization Tool... Treepad is a great little utility for organizing information the familiar tree structure used in so many electronic information sources today.... TreePad has some great extras such as exporting to HTML, A freeware version and a free viewer if you wish to distribute helpful information or knowledge bases in the TreePad database format. It can handle graphics, rich text, HTML and Internet links... I use treepad to manage my todos and editorial content for - it does a great job and it's fast.



Treepad Lite a fantastic minimalist masterpiece (...) an almost flawless creation.
Thank you for a marvelous piece of work.

Jeff Smith



TreePad is a wonderful program.
It does so much and yet takes up so little space.
Keep it up.

I'm really enjoying the program.
I still can't believe everything it does.

Gregory de Swart



Lis on
Remarkable! Little means Big, here! TreePad is an incredible 'little' big program: takes so little space and is so feature rich and so very stable, too! I have hardly used anything else for all my many computer needs - except for a browser, email program and images editor - since I found TreePad. TreePad is a time-saver, as well, for it is not only a natural organizer, but makes it extremely easy to find any information stored! Moreover, what could be better than a word processor that's at the same time your database, picture album, agenda, electronic secretary, and web pages generator?!... Not to mention that you can take it anywhere on a floppy! (and run it from the floppy!)
I could not rate this software higher, all considered, including the developers' prompt and friendly customer support, and their constant attention to the developement of their software.
IMO, TreePad is a must in every PC, independently of what one uses his⁄her PC for!



Tim on
This is the coolest PIM program available. It has an incredibly small footprint, STILL less than 1 MB even in the high end business edition. It is stable, I have never seen it crash. And it is so simple a way to maintain your contacts, notes, links, appointments, images, whatever. For those of us who are tired of complicated "bloatware", and who don't wish to sit down and hack out a complicated relational database model just to store personal contacts or URL's, Treepad is the answer. It'll even generate complete, structured web sites automatically from your formatted nodes. Also I've found the developer to be wonderfully responsive, often making feature additions directly upon user request. He is adding nice xml storage and formatting options to the program, and these should be out yet this year, thus making Treepad capable of acting as a semi-structured database manager suitable for most small business and almost all personal needs. This is a truly great and mature program, and I say that as one who has no vested interested in it, and yet I've seen it steadily develop over several years to be the best application in its class."



I simply want to thank you for creating Treepad. The greatest piece of software after notepad!! Since I have met it, my way of storing information, bookmarks, ideas, documents, images has completely changed! It a life-saver at work and a pleasure to use.
After using the freeware version for long I recently bought the Business Edition. Every day I discover new uses for this jewel.
Thank you!
Mario Corrado



Troy on TreePad Lite:
After using several (10-15) different music organizers freeware. I could not find what I was looking for. Most require you to insert the cd. For some reason they use a lot of space, and is difficult to change or add info. ( like price, notes, year etc..) I found your program on a website called webattack. It was not under music managment. Anyway this is why your Treepad program is so nice for organizing music. They have many websites you can inter the cd title and get a song list and much other info. This info can be pasted to the Treepad. You can add other info like price, sellers, year, condition of the cd etc. When finished you can enter small amounts of info like a song, and up comes the album or albums that it is on and price of the cd etc... Im sure people have told you about using it this way, but since its free and very much more useful than any other freeware or shareware we just wanted to send you a quick thank you. When your finished, all the cd info is at your fingertips and there is no need to enter a cd into the drive to get all its info !!!
Thanks Troy



Tom's software review of TreePad
Treepad has earned its place here on my reviews page by being a utility I can't imagine being without. I've never found anything like it that can organize my notes so quickly and easily. (...)
I had numerous illustrated HTML-based software tutorials on my computer. Thanks to a Treepad PLUS feature known as "automatic paste," I was able to get them all organized and into a Treepad PLUS file with relative ease with the images and format in tact. (...)



Suzanna.Net Web Development: Wow! What a great new product! (...) It truly is a remarkable program well worth every cent. (...) Congratulations to the Freebyte Team on the newest version of TreePad Plus! I am simply amazed at this little powerhouse of a program. Since I have been using TreePad Plus for a few years now, my organization skills have increased tremendously. But I see even more organizational potential with the help of version 4.0.1. It was just a few weeks ago that I wrote you regarding including an image paste option and here it is. What an asset in such a small program. Thanks again for the quick support you have shown in the past and a fine program. Best of all, at such a small fee (...) I don't know how you do it!



J.D. McCormick: (about the freeware version) I can't believe a program of this quality and usefulness is freeware. It has become one of my most used programs. This is a must download for anyone who needs a freeform database with an intuitive explorer-tree interface. (...)

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