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Ease of Installation:

The maximum rating of 5 stars has been awarded to TreePad PLUS by on all categories: performance, user-friendliness, cost, ease of installation and support. Editor's Pick.

Maximum rating TreePad Lite at ZDNet in 1999 in all categories:
   Average Rating: 5 stars
   Features: 5 stars
   Installation: 5 stars
   Ease of Use: 5 stars
   Documentation: 5 stars
   Overall Value: 5 stars

Five ducks at NoNags in 2002 for the freeware version.

TreePad Lite rated with 5 dogs in 2002 at

Top pick ('Best of the Best')
and 5 stars have been
awarded to
TreePad Business Edition
TreePad X Enterprise (8 Gb)
TreePad X Enterprise (256 Gb)
TreePad Lite for Win (freeware)
TreePad ASIA (freeware)
TreePad Lite for Linux (freeware)
TreePad PLUS
TreePad SAFE
by UKWares
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