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Become a TreePad Affiliate
and earn money!

As a TreePad affiliate you can earn 25% commissions on any sales you make!

Grateful to all TreePad users, who have been TreePad's best advertisers, we are now happy to offer you this excellent possibility of earning money.

Sign up is free and open to anyone interested.

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Through RegNow you can become a TreePad affiliate for free (no startup costs) for the following products (our RegNow vendor-ID is 6201):
(1) TreePad SAFEproduct price = $ 34.95RegNow product-ID 6201-3PAD
(2) Custom Addressbookproduct price = $ 21.95RegNow product-ID 6201-2PAD
(3) TreePad X Enterprise (12 Gb) product price = $ 64.95 RegNow product-ID 6201-5PAD
(4) TreePad X Enterprise (384 Gb) product price = $ 89.95RegNow product-ID 6201-6PAD
To join the Regnow affiliate network for selling TreePad, please click here.



Tip: one way to generate TreePad sales is through promotion on your Web site.
TreePad prices might change without prior notice.
Please note that generating sales by means of spam (unsollicited email) is
not allowed and will lead to a termination of the affiliate membership.

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